September 29, 2023

Review: LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigure Series

At long last, I have finally completed my collection of Minifigures from the LEGO® Movie 2 series, and not a moment too soon! Wave two of the Disney Minifigures have just been released, but that is a topic for another day. This week, I am going to take a look at the entire LEGO® Movie 2 series, and give my thoughts on some of the new designs and accessories that came with it.

I’ll start off by saying that this is the first Minifigure series in a long while for which I have collected every Minifigure. There were just so many that I wanted for one reason or another. Mostly, there were a lot of new prints on characters that would add some flair to the denizens of my LEGO® city. I also loved the LEGO® Movie 2, so getting the characters from the film was a lot of fun.

The characters included in this series were:

  • Awesome Remix Emmet
  • Battle Ready Lucy
  • Apocalypse Benny
  • Unikitty
  • Giraffe Guy
  • Crayon Girl
  • Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield
  • Hula Lula
  • Watermelon Dude
  • Flashback Lucy
  • The Swamp Creature
  • Candy Rapper
  • Gone Golfin’ President Business
  • Apocalypseburg Abe
  • Vest Friend Rex
  • Kitty Pop
  • Dorothy Gale & Toto
  • Cowardly Lion
  • Scarecrow
  • Tin Man

I really enjoyed the inclusion of the Wizard of Oz characters. We had already gotten the Wicked Witch of the West in LEGO® Dimensions and the LEGO® Batman Movie. Her flying monkeys in came in the latter as well. Dorothy and crew only made small cameos in the actual LEGO® Movie 2, but I was happy to get them for my photography and art projects (click here to see the project I did with them).

Like the Wizard of Oz characters, many of the Minifigures included in this series only made small appearances in the film, but that kind of makes them more fun. I found myself trying to spot them them all as I watched the movie for the second time. The background Minifigs also tend to be the quirkier ones, and those are the ones that I tend to like anyway. There are usually get a couple of funny costumed characters in each wave of Minifigures, but we really lucked out with this series. It included multiple new costumes, including a crayon, watermelon, and giraffe.

In terms of new accessories, Emmet sported a new hair/earphones piece, and came with a new cell phone print that says “Awesome”.  Lucy’s hood with goggles is also pretty epic. This is the first time that I have seen LEGO® watermelon slices, as well as the heart clock (with the Tin Man), bravery medal (with the Cowardly Lion), certificate (with the Scarecrow), Minifigure drawing (with Crayon Girl), mix tape (with Candy Rapper), and an updated “punk” cat mold. Rex’s hair/hat piece are also new.

In addition to completely new pieces, pretty much every character has new printing and designs. You also get a lot of wonderful new color variations of older parts, like Lucy’s hair, a blue baby raptor, a couple of pink hair pieces, and a green version of the swirl/ponytail hairpiece, to name a few.

While this was one of my favorite Minifigure series, I wasn’t too crazy about another Unikitty. Scratchen-post and Abe were also not high fliers on my list. But, Abe actually came in really useful in the end for an upcoming LEGO-fied project. My wife loves Unikitty, and who knows, maybe Scratchen-post will find a purpose in the end somehow. My favorite characters were Emmet, Battle Ready Lucy, Crayon Girl, Giraffe Guy, and Watermelon Dude.

So, what were your favorites from this Minifigure series? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you like the content at True North Bricks, I would love it if you followed me here on WordPress (click the “follow” option in the menu at the bottom of the page), FacebookPinterest, or Twitter for regular updates.

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Benny was having trouble working under the conditions that day… My cat, Ewok, likes to supervise my LEGO® projects.

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