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Sweetest Friends EVER (70822) Review

I thought I was finished collecting LEGO® Movie 2 sets. However, I found this week’s review item on liquidation for $5.00. In addition to a savings of 64%, this set also comes with the Ice Cream Cone character from the movie. The only other set to include him is Queen Watevra’s Not-So-Evil Space Palace, which is considerably more expensive. Additionally,

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Top 10 Pictures 2019

LEGO® bricks inspire me in many ways. Every Monday, I take a moment to share how Minifigures in particular get my creativity flowing. At times, I like to imagine scenarios in which these characters find themselves. Alternatively, they can remind me of something I have already seen, which I can then recreate. Sometimes, I just happen upon a fun shot

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Review: Welcome to Apocalypseburg

NOTE: This set was provided to me by The LEGO® Group for review purposes. However, the provision of sets does not guarantee a favorable review. I will use my usual rating system, and provide my honest opinion. While I have reviewed many sets in the past, Welcome to Apocalypseburg marks the first set that I will review which I received

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Review: Battle Ready Batman

From the early trailers for the LEGO® Movie 2, there was one character I knew that I must have as a Minifigure, and that was Battle Ready Batman. This Minifigure is available in two sets from the theme: Welcome to Apocalypseburg, and the subject of today’s review, Battle-Ready Batman and Metalbeard. Of the two sets, today’s review deals with the

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