December 2, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The End of an Era

Back in March, I lost a very close friend to cancer. We had been friends for 17 years. Today would have been her 35th birthday. Her family waited until this past weekend to celebrate her life with relatives and friends. She was such a wonderful person, and it was so nice to see all those people gathered to remember her. The memorial was held at my friend’s childhood home. During our college days, we spent many evenings in that house, and there are a lot of great memories there. As I left, I was overcome the finality of it all. My friend has been gone since March, but for the first time, it really felt real. I would never be back to that place, just as I would never relive those times with my friend. It truly was the end. I wrote a poem for my friend back in March, you can read it by clicking here if you like. I wrote another one this afternoon. The picture was taken at the coffee shop we used to frequent, and is of my LEGO sigfig, and the one of my friend that will always live on in my LEGO city.

The End of an Era

I passed a point in time today.
It divides today from yesterday.
A defining moment, some might say,
This point I passed in time today.

Behind me were the times gone past,
Many a year flown by too fast.
There was a first, as well as last,
Some times of cheer, others downcast.

As I looked back, I could have cried.
It has been an amazing ride.
Ahead of me lie roads untried,
A future that is free and wide.

I passed a point in time today.
It divides today from yesterday.
I’ll miss all that went away,
But, moving on I’ll be okay.

In memory of my good friend.

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