December 2, 2023
Bricktober 2023 Announced at Toys R Us

Bricktober 2023 Announced at Toys R Us

It’s that time of year again. The LEGO® Group is gearing up for the holidays with a whole slew of Advent calendars, gingerbread men, and the latest addition to the Winter Village Collection… but wait a minute… aren’t we forgetting something? Oh right… there’s another holiday (or two) before Christmas. Like Halloween. On top of that, the month leading up to All Hallows Eve has significance to the AFOL community because we get to celebrate Bricktober. And Toys R Us has just revealed the GWPs for Bricktober 2023.

September 28 – October 31

Get $10 off a future purchase

Something new this year is a month-long special. In the past, discount coupons valid for November have been a staple of Bricktober. However, TRU typically gave them out for a one week period. This year, the Bricktober build GWPs have a lower threshold. So, as an incentive to spend more, for $50 you gain a $10 voucher for later use.

September 28 – October 4

The Baking Mini GWP

Spend $25 or more before taxes on any LEGO® set (excluding prices ending in 8), and get a free Baking Mini set. Essentially, you’re looking at a blender on little display base. The set does not include a Minifigure, but it appears to be Minifigure scale at least judging from the whisk element and typical printed tile scrumpchies.

Bricktober 2023 Baking mini GWP
Bricktober 2023 Music Mini GWP

October 5 – 11

The Music Mini GWP

Once again, no Minifigures, but what we see is Minifigure scale. Spend $25 or more before taxes on any LEGO® set (excluding prices ending in 8), and get a free Music Mini set. This time around, you acquire a violin, keyboard, and music sheet. The base appears identical to the Baking Mini set.

October 12 – 18

The Camping Mini GWP

Spend $25 or more before taxes on any LEGO® set (excluding prices ending in 8), and get a free Camping Mini set. No minifigs again, but you acquire a red bird, butterfly, frog, and sausage to grill. It looks like there’s a three-pronged stick element, and a printed log end tile too.

Bricktober 2023 Camping Mini GWP

October 19 – 25

The Gaming Mini GWP

You guessed it, another $25 and the Gaming Mini set is yours. Of course, the usual T&Cs apply, meaning the offer excludes prices ending in 8. Again, no Minifigures, but this arcade game is Minifigure scale judging from the microphone serving as a joystick. Looks like you get a few printed screen tiles too.

October 28 – 29

Disney Castle Make-and-Take

On the final Saturday and Sunday of the month, bring your kids to a participating Toys R Us location where they can build and keep a miniature Disney Castle. One per child… with CHILD being the operative word.

After last year’s amazing selection, I looked at the Bricktober 2023 offers and wind kind of left my sails. The 2022 selection included Minifigures, super fun ride builds, and AMAZING packaging. Granted, the offers were split up between October and December. However, I still dropped a lot of coin at Toys R Us last fall to get them all. This years selection is fun…. but not super fun. It’s free bricks, and the builds are Minifigure scale. That will help and inspire many builders… but I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to get them. As I write this, there’s no official word on the LEGO® Store GWPs for October. Last year, we also had an October double VIP points event. Consequently, I’ll be waiting for more news before committing. What do you think of Bricktober 2023? Let me know in the comment or reach out on social media.

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