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Bricktober 2021 at Toys R Us

Bricktober 2021 at Toys R Us is on! For the last two years, we barely mentioned the Bricktober event here at True North Bricks. Ever since the American Toys R Us went under, the offerings at Canadian stores have been paltry at best. Long gone are the amazing Minifigure packs of old. In fact, for the last two years, Toys

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2019 Bricktober Bomb

Toys R Us is usually the place to shop for LEGO® sets in October. In the past, each week has brought us a fresh set of Minifigures that were given away free with purchases. Oddly, there was very little buzz around this year’s event in the weeks leading up to October. This had me questioning whether Bricktober would even happen

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