October 1, 2023

Return to Hogwarts GWPs Announced

On September 1, the LEGO® Group celebrates Return to Hogwarts. According to their website, this is an annual event… I’ve never heard of it before, but perhaps it will be annual moving forward. In any case, the date marks the early release of Gringotts Wizarding Bank for LEGO® Insiders (formerly known as VIPs). The set goes on sale to the general public on September 4, but the Harry Potter promos begin September 1 for everybody. HP fans stand to gain a small extension to Gringotts as well as a Quidditch Practice polybag. Read on for more!

Quidditch Practice

You earn this set online or in store with Harry Potter theme purchases over $50 CAD. The offer is valid from September 1 – 13, 2023, or while supplies last. It’s worth noting you can purchase this polybag at Toys R Us as well.

  • SET #: 30651
  • VALUE: $5.99 CAD

Gringotts Vault

This GWP comes with Harry Potter theme purchases over $170 CAD in store and online. The offer is valid from September 1 – 13, 2023 or while supplies last. Interestingly, this set serves as a piggy bank, but also connects to the larger Gringotts set.

  • SET #: 40598
  • VALUE: $29.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 212

On top of two GWPs, the LEGO® Group is offering bundle discounts on Hogwarts House Banner sets. Buying two sets together saves you 20%. Your options include the Bravery & Wisdom bundle (including Gryffindor and Ravenclaw) or the Loyalty & Determination bundle (including Slytherin and Hufflepuff). Instead of paying $89.98 CAD for two sets separately, you spend $71.98 CAD for two bundled sets. You can only purchase these bundles online, they are not available in stores.

The Gringotts Vault is exclusive to the LEGO® Store. I imagine it will be a popular items for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. It’s great that it connects to the larger Gringotts, which collectors have been wanting for some time. With that said, I am also glad it is not an exclusive for Gringotts purchases. The $170 price point makes it more accessible to fans who do not want to spend $560 CAD to get Gringotts. What do you think? Will you Return to Hogwarts with these promos? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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