October 1, 2023

LEGO® VIP Rebranded as LEGO® Insiders

Recently, the LEGO® Group announced LEGO® VIP will be rebranded LEGO® Insiders. Many fan media outlets put out the information immediately, but I opted to wait. There were many questions left unanswered by the official press release, and I wanted all the information before reporting anything as fact. I also wanted a moment to digest the information before giving my opinion on the matter. Now that I have the information, I can comfortably say that LEGO® Insiders is more a rebrand than a replacement of the former VIP program. Let’s take a deeper look at what Insiders means for you.

What remains the same from the VIP Program

  • YOUR POINTS BALANCE: all the VIP points you’ve collected will transfer directly to the new Insiders program.
  • THE POINTS YOU EARN: In Canada, you will still earn 5 VIP points for every dollar you spend.
  • THE POINTS YOU REDEEM: 500 points still amounts to $5 off (roughly 5% cashback on purchases outside of double points events). Additionally, you can still redeem points in the Rewards Center for merch, sweepstakes, collectibles, etc.
  • WHERE YOU REDEEM DISCOUNTS: you can still redeem your points in the Rewards Center for a rebate coupon online or directly in official LEGO® stores for discounts on in person purchases.
  • PRIVILEDGES: early access to sets, special VIP gifts-with-purchase (GWPs), access to digital content, etc.
  • FREE ENROLLMENT: like the VIP program, Insiders remains free.
  • YOUR LOGIN: Your former VIP account will automatically transition to the new Insiders platform on August 21, 2023.

What is new in LEGO® Insiders

  • REGISTERING YOUR SETS: you earn 20 VIP points by registering your LEGO® sets. You register by scanning the unique QR code on the front of the instruction manual. This means scanning 25 manuals earns you $5.00 CAD off of a future purchase.
    • If you bought the set at the LEGO® Store, this means you earn points for purchasing the set AND 20 additional points for registering it by scanning the QR code on the front of the instruction manual.
    • If you did not buy the set at the LEGO Store, you can still earn 20 VIP points by scanning the QR code on the front of the instruction manual and registering the set, but you do not earn points for purchasing the set (unless you are American and bought it at Target.)
    • Only sets with a QR code on the front of the instruction manual qualify for 20 points. Note that MOST new sets have a unique QR code, not all.
    • You can register sets you already own if (and only if) there is a QR code on the front of the instruction manual. These QR codes began appearing on manuals in 2018.
    • You can register multiple copies of the same set with no limit. Every set includes an instruction manual with a unique QR code. This means two copies of the same set have different QR codes on their respective manuals. This also means you can only scan a particular manual QR code once. For example, if you buy a set second hand and the previous owner already redeemed the 20 points, you cannot redeem them again. Additionally, you cannot scan the same copy of your own manual multiple times.
  • CONSOLIDATING ACCOUNTS: If you are over 18 years old, all your LEGO® accounts will become one, including your shopping account, your Ideas account, your former VIP account, your LEGO® Life account, and your LEGO® apps accounts. However, it continues to exclude Bricklink.
  • LEGO® Insiders Community Center: a place to share builds, learn about sets, and read official LEGO® content (like designer interviews). This was previously beta tested as the “For Adults” portal.

Summing it all up

In short, most users will probably only notice two changes. Firstly, LEGO® VIP rebranded as LEGO® Insiders. Secondly, you gain the ability to earn 20 points per set you register. Otherwise, Insiders should seem pretty much the same as VIP… for now. We all remember the woes of the new VIP program back in 2019. Since then, the LEGO® Group has made strides to improve the experience, and they are saying this rebranding is the next step. Apparently, the consolidation of accounts and registering sets opens the door to future improvements and changes to the program. What those will be, we’ll have to wait and see. Personally, I like the opportunity to earn more points. What do you think of LEGO® VIP being rebranded LEGO® Insiders? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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2 thoughts on “LEGO® VIP Rebranded as LEGO® Insiders

  1. Been mulling this over for a few days trying to figure out why LEGO would offer up free points for registering sets…?
    Best guess is they will tailor advertising to each insider based on their set choices (age range, IP theme likes, price points, etc). Going to conduct an experiment with my girlfriend and see if registering different IP themed sets on our separate accounts will generate different Insider emails/offers/etc.

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