September 28, 2023

Coruscant Guard Gunship Revealed

SURPRISE! Another Star Wars set is revealed. And with literally no fanfare or warning. I have already covered a number of great new set reveals from San Diego Comic Con which you can read HERE. And apparently the fun didn’t end there. Today we’re taking a peak at the newly listed Coruscant Guard Gunship (75354). I’m happy to report that we are returning to the Clone Wars animated series for this one. While the ship model is nothing new, the markings and minfigures are. So let’s take a look at this latest under-the-radar set reveal.

Coruscant guard gunship

  • SET #: 75354
  • THEME: Star Wars
  • COST: $179.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 1083
  • MINIFIGURES: 5 – Padme Amidala, Chancellor Palpatine, Commander Fox and Shock Trooper (x2)
  • RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2023
  • COST/BRICK: $0.17 (moderate value)
  • BRICK/FIG: 217 (good value)
  • DIMENSIONS: 15 cm tall x 37 cm wide x 41 cm deep
Photos used with permission. ©2023 The LEGO® Group.

The Clone Wars

This latest gunship is a fairly good scale and replicates the source material fairly well. It is smaller and less detailed than past versions, but I think it works overall. It’s also a design that only showed up in a handful of episodes. The red colouring and connection to the Coruscant troopers is a nice change of pace. All the opening panels allow for easier play and you will have decent amount of swooshability thanks to the integrated handle. There’s less pieces in this set than in prior releases, but that hasn’t reduced the details too much in my opinion. You want max detailing? Then grab the UCS version.

The real draw are these great minifigures. Chancellor Palpatine and Padme Amidala have some nice torso printing – particularly on his skirt piece. But no one’s here for them, it’s the clones who will get you to open your wallet. We have superb updates to the shock troopers and Commander Fox. The first and only phase II shock trooper came in 2016’s Coruscant Police Gunship (75046). It’s still a great looking fig with a high resale value to boot – approx $60 CAD on bricklink. Commander Fox came in the Separatist Spider Droid (7681) from 2008. He also carries a very high resale value with seller listings starting at $110 CAD. I think both look really sharp and will make great updates to my clone trooper collection.

This set comes with great new minifigure designs. Excellent updates on the clones as well. Photos used with permission. ©2023 The LEGO® Group.

Gunship Lineage

The Coruscant Guard Gunship is a decently updated design for a classic and popular vehicle. Gunships are amongst my favourite ships in the Star Wars universe. The UCS Republic Gunship (75309) is an amazing beast of a set (with a review in the works!). But before it made it’s big (and oddly contentious) debut, it was preceded by quite a few other sets. The first gunship was in 2002 with the Republic Gunship (7163). That is an OG classic and features the hilarious inclusion of ‘Jedi Bob’. He’s a nameless, generic male Jedi. So instead of an actual character from the show or film, we got Bob. Say what you will, Bob is famous and and fetches a ridiculous amount of money on – to the tune of $125 CAD minimum. Two other play sets followed with the last one in 2013. Ten years later and it’s time for an update. Here’s a list of prior Gunships:

Republic Gunship71632002$89.99 (est)686$0.138
Republic Attack Gunship76762008$129.99 (est)1034$0.137
Republic Gunship750212013$149.991175$0.137
UCS Republic Gunship753092021$499.993292$0.152
A list of the prior Gunship sets released. You can see the price, cost/brick and minifig selection really shift after 2013.

Keep On Cloning

And that is the newest Star Wars set friends. The Coruscant Guard Gunship is a pretty nice looking mid-scale set with nicely updated minifigs. The price is definitely on the high side and based on prior sets, should really come with at least one or two more minifigures. But here we are. I owned the original 7163 Gunship. I had Jedi Bob in my collection. Couldn’t fathom a guess as to where that and many other sets ended up….Ah well. But what are your thoughts on this newest gunship? Do you own any of the prior sets? Are you a big Clone Wars fan? Which version is your favourite? Comment below and in all the usual places. Thanks as always for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱

– Frank

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