October 1, 2023

LEGO® VIP Days 2023 are here

Amazon Prime Days are here, and the LEGO® Group is not taking the direct loss of sales lying down. From July 11 until July 15, 2023, the LEGO® Group is offering a number of promotions, double VIP points, and GWPs. But there’s a catch. The double VIP points does not apply to all purchases, with only City, Friends, Harry Potter, and Technic qualifying. Personally, that sucked the wind from my sails with the epic El Dorado Fortress remake topping my wish list. In any case, the promotions will no doubt appeal to others. Consequently, let’s take a look at the LEGO® VIP Days 2023.

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LEGO® VIP Days 2023 GWPs
Get BOTH the Blacktron Cruiser and Bionicle Tahu and Takua sets with purchases over $290 CAD or more.
Get the Fun and Funky VIP Add-On Pack with purchases over $65 CAD.

A number of sets are on sale too. However, only five of them actually qualify for double VIP points. With that said, you can rack up dollars to help you get GWPs if you are interested in them. The following sets are on sale:
Art: Mosaic Maker
Avatar: Floating Mountains Site 26
Avatar: Mako Submarine
Avatar: Metkayina Reef home
BrickHeadz: Chinese New Year Pandas
BrickHeadz: Disney 100th Celebration
BrickHeadz: French Bulldog
BrickHeadz: Spice Girls Tribute
BrickHeadz: St. Bernard
BrickHeadz: Wedding Bride
BrickHeadz: Wedding Groom
Brick Sketches: Iron Man
City: Double Stunt Loop
City: Wild Animal Rescue Missions
Disney: Aurora, Merida, and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations
Disney: Creative Castles
Disney: Mini Haunted Mansion
Disney: XL-15 Spaceship
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Courtyard
Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic
Icons: Atari 2600
Icons: Everyone Is Awesome
Icons: Icons of Play
Icons: Real Madrid
Ideas: Table Football
Lunar New Year: Lunar New Year Display
Lunar New Year: Lunar New Year Parade
Marvel: Black Panther
Marvel: Black Panther – War on Water
Marvel: Endgame Battle
Marvel: Iron Man Armory
Marvel: Miles Morales Buildable Figurine
Marvel: Shuri’s Sunbird
Star Wars: AT-ST
Star Wars: Defense of Hoth
Super Mario: Big Spike’s Cloud Top Challenge
Super Mario: Lava Wave Ride
Super Mario: Reznor Knockdown
Technic: McLaren Formula 1 Race Car

In the end, I am disappointed that double VIP points does not apply to all purchases. I was prepared to acquire the El Dorado Fortress, but now I am inclined to hold off. I don’t have the Blacktron Cruiser yet, but I was never huge into the classic Space theme. That’s sacrilege to many, I know. But Pirates and Castles were always more my game. What do you think of the LEGO® VIP Days 2023 offers? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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