October 1, 2023

Bricktober 2022 VIP Rewards Coming

Toys R Us Canada really hit the mark with their 2022 Bricktober offering. We got four wonderful sets with stunning packaging. The LEGO® Group proceeded to offer the sets as VIP rewards in November and December 2022. However, the sets came in different packaging. Gone was the bright and colorful artwork of the Toys R Us variants. Instead, the sets arrived in unremarkable yellow VIP rewards boxes. Additionally, the LEGO® Group only offered two of the sets from the series of four. Well, the other two Bricktober 2022 VIP rewards are coming soon… as long as you don’t mind the yellow boxes.

Bricktober 2022 VIP rewards packaging versus Toys R Us packaging.
VIP Reward packaging versus Toys R Us Bricktober packaging for the same set.

In October 2022, Toys R Us Canada offered only the Pirate and Space Adventure rides. Toys R Us in Asia offered all four. Thus, when the LEGO® Group first offered one of the Bricktober 2022 VIP rewards sets for VIP weekend in November, I was thrilled. However, they were not transparent about the packaging. Like many, I expected boxes that matched my Toys R Us sets. Instead, I got the yellow box shown above. Thankfully, Toys R Us came back with the missing two sets from the series in December. I now have all four displayed with the nicer packages.

The Space and Fantasy Adventure Ride sets are coming to the VIP Rewards Center.

2022 Bricktober VIP Rewards
The Space Adventure Ride set with the Toys R Us packaging. The VIP version will not have the same box.

In any case, if you missed out at Toys R Us or only collected the yellow box variants, soon you can redeem VIP rewards for the last two sets in the collection. The Space and Fantasy Adventure rides are coming to the VIP Rewards center. One of them drops on June 16, the other on July 11. At this time, I don’t know which one releases on each date. Additionally, the LEGO® Group did not reveal the number of points required to redeem a set. However, the previous two rewards came at 2400 points each.

The Fantasy Adventure Ride set with the Toys R Us packaging. The VIP version will not have the same box.

Sadly, this offer does not fall within the upcoming Double VIP Points event. Consequently, you can’t get the order to ship with those purchases. However, the event allows you to rack up points in order to redeem for these sets later. As always, redeeming your points grants you a coupon code. You have to make a purchase within 60 days of redeeming your code or you loose your reward and your spent points. When you enter your code at checkout, the reward adds to your order and ships with it. Don’t wait too long to redeem your points if you want one of these sets. The LEGO® Group anticipates the sets selling out. Will you complete your collection? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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