December 7, 2023
May the 4th deals

May the 4th Deals and New Star Wars Set

Hey Star Wars fans, your favourite time of year is fast approaching. May the 4th celebrates all things Star Wars and that includes LEGO®️. A brand new set has also appeared online so you will have even more shopping options. I thought it would be helpful to summarize this year’s deals and the new set. And check out the links for additional sets that will be available starting on May 1st. Let’s take a look at the GWPs and promotions first then keep reading for information on the latest set announcement. And may the financial resources be with you.


In-store and online from May 1st – 7th or while supplies last. Promotions will stack, so take advantage early to not miss out on multiple items.

– 2X VIP POINTS On All Star Wars Purchases


  • FREE with purchases over $200 CAD
  • #40591
  • 289 pcs
  • $29.99 CAD value
  • Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Return of Jedi.


  • FREE with purchases over $115 CAD
  • #5007840
  • $19.99 CAD value
  • Collectible Coin with case celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Return of Jedi.
Images used with permission, ©2023 The LEGO® Group


  • FREE with purchases over $50 CAD
  • #30654
  • 87 pcs
  • $5.99 CAD
  • Available for separate purchase


A number of Star Wars sets will release on May 1st. Many of these are already up for pre-order. But if you waited to pull the trigger, then keep waiting to try and take advantage of those GWPs. LEGO®️ VIP members will get early access to the upcoming UCS X-Wing Starfighter (75355) which marks it’s third UCS release. Other upcoming offerings include the Executor Super Star Destroyer, Death Star II & Endor Dioramas, Pirate Snub Fighter and the Spider Tank. But we have one more to talk about. Hot on the heels of last week’s season 3 finale of The Mandalorian comes the reveal of the Fang Fighter vs TIE Interceptor. This set has been found in stores in the US already and leaked images have circulated online for some time. But now with the official reveal we finally have proper images and details:


  • SET #: 75348
  • THEME: Star Wars
  • COST: $129.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 957
  • MINIFIGURES: 3 – Din Djarin, Mandalorian Fleet Commander, TIE Pilot + R2-E6
  • RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2023
  • COST/BRICK: $0.14 CAD (average cost)
  • BRICKS/FIG: 319 (moderate value)

I must say both ships look pretty good. There’s some nice detailing at this play scale as well as a decent assortment of new and classic(ish) figures. That new R2 unit in ‘evil’ black is also very cool. I am a bit confused by the set since we didn’t reeeaallly see these ships fight one another on screen. But it’s a fun set and here we are.

And that’s what you can expect from this year’s Star Wars May the 4th celebration. I think this year’s offerings are really quite strong. Even the price thresholds are surprisingly reasonable. I don’t doubt the stock will go quickly – especially with the release of the new UCS X-Wing. But what do you think? Are you excited for any of these new sets or promos? Will you be shopping for May the 4th? Comment below and let me know in all the usual spots. Thanks as always for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱

– Frank

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