June 9, 2023
A-Frame Cabin Revealed

A-Frame Cabin Revealed from LEGO® Ideas

In late February 2022, LEGO® Ideas announced the A-Frame Cabin made it through the second round of reviews from 2021. The set immediately made my wish list. I love cabins, and the detail in this model captures the classic A-frame beautifully through some amazing build techniques. Today, the final A-Frame Cabin was revealed from LEGO® Ideas. I am so happy to see many of the details I loved in the original fan model made it through to the final product. Especially the hammers used in the brick work. But enough babble, let’s take a closer look!

A-Frame Cabin Set Specifics

  • NAME: A-Frame Cabin
  • SET #: 21338
  • THEME: Ideas
  • COST: $239.99 CAD ($179.99 USD)
  • BRICK COUNT: 2082
  • RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2023
  • COST/BRICK: $0.115 (good value)
  • BRICKS/FIG: 520 (very low character count for a set this size)
Image used with permission. ©2023 The LEGO® Group.

There are so many details to love in this set. Firstly, it is modular. Both of the slanted roof segments come off, as does the top floor. However, the box indicates that this set is 28 cm high and 44 cm wide. Consequently, it is about the same height as a standard set from the Modular Buildings Collection, like the recent Jazz Club. The proportions might look a bit off if you display this piece in your city. With that said, this set represents an escape from the city, so I would not place it right next to my modulars anyway.

Despite a very low Minifigure count for a set this size, the characters are none-the-less great. There are a number of new parts and accessories. For example, the new blond hairpiece. However, the much sought-after otter from the January 2023 City lineup also makes an appearance. Additionally, frogs, butterflies, squirrels, and birds abound. This is the first time that I recall seeing a red songbird in a LEGO® set.

Perhaps the one aspect leaving me on the fence is the trees. Don’t get me wrong, the trees look nice. However, they lack the fullness of the original fan design. I really liked those trees. And I understand cutting parts from a cost perspective. I totally endorse losing detail on the trees to save all the fun elements in the cabin itself. However, getting one or two of the original tree designs would have been nice. These trees are quite sparse by comparison (see end of article for original fan concept photo).

Image used with permission. ©2023 The LEGO® Group.

Ideas is one of my favorite themes simply because of sets like this that are off-the-beaten path, so to speak. While many concepts do not make my personal wish list, the theme none-the-less provides some of my favorite sets. The past classics like the Medieval Blacksmith and the Old Fishing Store immediately come to mind. The A-Frame certainly makes my wish list as well. I’ll reserve further judgement until I build the set though. What do you think of the A-Frame Cabin revealed by the LEGO® Group? Let me know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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Original fan concept for the A-Frame Cabin submitted to LEGO® Ideas.

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  1. I cannot wait for your detailed review after you build the a-frame cabin. This will look amazing beside the Medieval blacksmith. By the way, I love the redesign of your website 🙂

    1. To be honest, I am not sure. I have never seen them before either… But sometimes I think something is new only to find out it came out earlier in a theme I don’t collect, like Friends.

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