September 30, 2023
June 22 BAM Update

June ’22 BAM Update

My area is continuously behind the times when it comes to the Build-A-Mini (BAM) tower at the LEGO® Store. Whenever Instagram floods with images of glorious new Minifigure parts, my local store has the tired selection from months ago. Recently, the latest update to BAM included pieces I could not resist. I am a fan of classic Castles and Pirates. The latest BAM update has a plethora of pieces for building up either population. Once again, my local store was lacking though. Consequently, I decided to take a drive to our Nation’s Capital and try my luck at the Ottawa LEGO® Store. Was this June ’22 BAM update ever worth the drive!

June 22 BAM Update accessories
Minifigure Accessories acquired in my June ’22 BAM update.

Firstly, Black Falcon Knights make a triumphant return. Black Falcon Knights were among the first knight factions in the classic Castles theme. In fact, my first LEGO® Castle was Black Falcon’s Fortress. In recent years, the LEGO® Group treated us to updated Black Falcons in the Ideas Medieval Blacksmith and Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle. Now, we get a brand-new torso design featuring chainmail and a printed cape. Incidentally, the cape has the Black Falcon logo printed on it. Additionally, the BAM accessories include the Black Falcon shield. I built three. I picked double-sided faces for mine that allowed the characters to have a normal expression and a battle-ready alternative.

Black Falcon Knights from my June 22 BAM update.

I’m loving these Black Falcon Knights!

Castles fans can also pick up a new wizard design and a princess. I did not acquire the princess. She comes with a new dress brick. However, her kimono-style torso print is actually from Vidiyo Bandmates, Series 2. The mermaid character had the same. Conversely, the wizard is all new as far as I can tell. While we have seen starry blue robes before, this features new, very detailed prints. I love all the pouches and the printed scarf. While we have seen the hairpiece/hat before, this is a new color variant for it. This is the hair/hat combo originally seen on the witch in series 14. Additionally, it showed up in BAM previously, as well as twice on Scarecrow in the DC Comics Superheroes theme. You can pick a nice owl accessory for him too.

Wizard minifigure.

Otherwise, pirates abound. I built four of them. Granted, I made two of them with older parts. Some pirate torsos have circulated in BAM towers for some time now. However, Redbeard’s entire body from Pirates of Barracuda Bay is available. The only difference is the head piece. That hails from the Creator 3-in-1 Pirate Ship. The other new pirate features recolored hair/hat from Robin Loot (also from Barracuda Bay). We saw that same piece in a different color with the female pirate in series 20 and Vidiyo Bandmates, Seriees 2. Interestingly, this new pirate’s torso comes from the Star Wars theme. It appeared in one set on the Greef Karga character.

Loads of Pirates parts currently available in the BAM tower.

Finally, fans of the wild west can assemble a cowboy and cowgirl. I put together the cowgirl because her torso lends itself well to a pirate just as easily as a westerner. Her hair appears to be a recolor from Toy Story’s Jesse. I did not make the male cowboy because I could not find his torso. However, it is the tattered shirt worn by Jawas in a few Star Wars sets. I wanted the cowboy hat, so I stuck it on another pirate body for purpose of meeting purchase requirements. My final character was simply a mix a pieces I wanted… though the recolored Hidden Side hair also looks somewhat pirate-like…

June 22 BAM Update cowgirl.

I am really excited with the new selection of BAM pieces. Definitely, those new Black Falcon knights were the highlight for me. Once I finally build my Creator 3-in-1 Medieval Castle, they will certainly join the knights included with the set. Keep the throwbacks coming, LEGO® Group! Did you pick up any of the new characters? Perhaps you plan to soon? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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