October 3, 2023

Marvel Masters

And we’re already back with more LEGO®️ Masters USA, Season 3 coverage. Skipping an episode the week prior meant that we got TWO episodes back-to-back. Which is great for keeping that momentum going. But it’s not so great for poor Frank to get up to speed with these recaps! Yeesh. I’m happy the season isn’t being delayed too much, but that’s still a lot all at once. Its’ odd to finish one recap and know what already happens next episode. But I hope you’re still enjoying these hot takes and ramblings as we approach the final two episodes!

This episode was all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Tom and I are big Marvel fans and I in particular love the MCU. Check out some of our past reviews from that theme HERE. I’m working on few more Marvel set reviews as well so stay tuned for extra superhero fun. But in the meantime let’s catch up with the Final 5 teams in the competition.

Previous Episodes:

Make Mine Marvel

Marvel Masters brought another large film franchise into the competition as the theme of the week. In this case, it was those epic Marvel movies. Each team got to pick a minifigure from an MCU blockbuster. It was up to each team to then recreate an iconic moment from the movie using that minifigure. This was all about making a static, still image and recreating it as faithfully as possible. No explosions (surprisingly) or movement of feats of strength. And I appreciated that. The teams got to pick their minifigure/movie this go. And thankfully Stephen didn’t cause any property damage this time around. With 12 hours on the clock everyone got their brick on.

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Thus Ends the Golden brick

Marvel Masters had the distinction of being the last challenge wherein the golden brick – The Infinity Stone of the show – could be used. Brandon & Greg – last week’s big winners – cashed it in and were guaranteed safety this week. With that in mind, the brothers just had fun with their build. It was no doubt an awesome position to be in and one they took good advantage of. Their good fortune from Ethan & Dom’s decision has really helped them out.

Images used with permission ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

They picked Thor: Ragnarok and built an incredible scene of the God of Thunder crashing into the enemy on the Rainbow Bridge. It was epic. So many great elements and energy with that minfigure, trailed by lightning pieces, heading right into the fray. They recreated the image spectacularly. Particularly that mosaic background. Amy did have some critiques about it and I can’t say I agreed all that much, but I do see why her advice could work. Either way, another amazing showing from the brothers who are ready to head into the semi-finals.

Images used with permission ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

Builders. Assemble!

Jumping right into our top 2 of the week we yet again find two of our Canadian teams. Siblings Dave & Emily secured a top 2 spot for the THIRD week in a row! They have really gained a lot of momentum at just the right time. They selected the Drax minifigure from Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Their scene was Drax leaping into the open mouth of the tentacled Abilisk monster. The image is quite dynamic and they honestly nailed it. Their build was superb with that bright pink colour, wild tentacle builds, great foreground and all dem crazy teeth! This was a knockout for this team and I think it should have won. But to paraphrase Emily: “Always a bridesmaid.” No win this week but great work nonetheless.

Stephen Universe

Securing the second top 2 spot AND the win this week was another Canadian team, the Stephens! To keep on brand, the Stephens selected Dr. STEPHEN Strange from Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. Their epic scene is our hero defending America Chavez from yet another tentacle monster (MCU is rife with em). The firefighters made a really great scene, capturing the magic buzz saw stopping the thrown bus. My only criticism was the scale of the bus and monster seemed too small to stand out enough. What got them the win however was the intense attention to background detail. They made a city street with depth and forced perspective that made it look like a movie set. An excellent build that secured them their second win of the season.

Civil War(ish)

Marvel Masters gave two teams a tough time for different reasons this week. Continuing their slump (sadly) were Nick & Stacey. This was their fourth week in a row to be in the bottom 2. I thought typing ‘third time’ last week was tough, ooof 😔. This week however was more a factor of their build was just the 3rd runner up out of a possible 4 teams (given the brothers were safe). It’s always tough when you get closer to the end in competitions like this. It starts to come down to just the tiniest details getting you or preventing you from winning.

Images used with permission ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

Our Canadian Influencers chose Shang-Chi from Shang-Chi: And the Legend of the Ten Rings fighting a monster amidst giant waves. Their biggest struggle was a bit discord amongst themselves over how to create their water elements. The editing really made it look like a total break down of opinion at times, but that’s TV for you – a little drama for fun. In the end they agreed on their approach and made a really epic looking scene. The waves were awesome and they did a superb job on the creature. Amy did mention the lack of background which really took away from the wave (apparently). Again, splitting hairs here. Thankfully it was still enough to keep them safe and move on to the semi-finals.

Images used with permission ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX


This was a tough goodbye. Emily & Liam, our talented mother/son duo found themselves in the bottom 2 this week. They chose the Captain Marvel minifigure from the movie of the same name. That scene was easily the most simple visually among the five options. It was our hero stopping a giant missile in the air and nothing but blue sky behind. The Brickmasters were very quick to point out that although it was simple, they still needed a background to really make it read/work well.

Images used with permission ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

In the end they just couldn’t manage their time effectively. They gave it a superheroic effort and managed to make a background, but they literally hit the buzzer and just missed out on finishing. So in the end, it was incomplete. That missile though? Fantastic bit of sculpting. They nailed it with the sharp angles, the shape and even added lighting for max impact. Plenty of details would have been needed to really bring it together. Sadly, and I mean sadly, they were asked to leave the competition. Jamie, Amy and even Will were holding back tears. They had nothing but warm sentiments and praise for this team. They were a real joy to watch and it’s sad to see them go.

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Final Thoughts

Well looky here, 75% of the remaining teams are Canadian!! This is WILD. It’s the north versus the brothers for the big win. Even if one goes home next challenge, that’s 2/3 of the finalists from Canada. Such a great group with so much talent bringing attention to us Canadian LEGO®️ fans. But with 3 wins and really strong showing all season, Brandon & Greg are essentially the team to beat. And being an American production let’s hope things aren’t too stacked in their favor. I took out the ‘U’ in favour there to make my point.

  • I don’t think we’ve ever seen Will choke up over an elimination before. That hits hard 😔
  • Of all the scenes in Captain Marvel possible, they go with that one?
  • Jamie’s superhero pose/landing was adorable
  • Once more for those in the balcony: 75% of the remaining teams are Canadian!!
  • This ep’s LEGO®️ Learn segment didn’t end with Will destroying things. Bummer
  • Stephen’s 2003 sexy Fireman calendar image was….amazing! Frosted tips and all
  • You could really sympathize with Emily & Liam’s mad scramble to beat the clock. Seeing Canadian Emily unable to watch till the end made it all the more tough
  • Anyone find the editing this episode extra deceptive/dramatic?
  • Bring on the Canadian finale!


Images used with permission ©2022 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

Congrats to Emily & Liam on a great showing all season. And good luck to Liam as he heads off to film school. How fun is this to put on a resume? What was you favourite build? Which film or scene would you have picked? Which Canadian team are you rooting for in the finals? Comment below and let me know. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’.


LEGO® Masters USA airs Wednesdays at 9:00 PM ET/PT on FOX in the US, and on CTV, CTV.CA and the CTV app in Canada. Follow our full coverage here.

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