September 28, 2023

LEGO®️ Masters Sneak Peek

LEGO®️ Masters USA, Season 3, Sneak Peek: Jurassic World Dominion

The time has come for LEGO Masters USA Season 3! Oh…hold on I’m getting a message here *reads notes*. Huh. Well my bad folks, looks like we will still need to wait a while. I’m sure many of you are up to date on the news, but here’s a quick recap. LEGO®️ Masters USA, Season 3 WAS set to premiere on May 31st, but that has now been set as September 21st. No specific reasons are available at this time. It’s not tragic news by any stretch and this also means less chance of long delays between episodes. Last year’s season began June 1st and ended September 14th – that’s a long time to air 12 episodes.

Delays or not, we at TrueNorthBricks will bring you all the coverage and recaps for what looks to be another great, fun season. If you need a refresher on previous seasons, click HERE for the episode recaps/reviews. And please read on for a quick recap of this …. well, quick recap as well as pics of our latest teams. Let’s get started.

It’s called marketing! Get on board.

At just over 20 minutes, this Sneek Peak was lighter on content but we did get some cute clips, the usual family-friendly humour and a little taste of each of this year’s teams. Now, to address the dinosaur in the room: this entire thing is basically a large tie-in commercial for Jurassic World Dominion. LEGO®️ Masters is no stranger to corporate synergy and all dem media tie-ins. And no doubt delaying the season caused quite the hiccup with marketing contracts. It’s especially important since the film arrives in theatres June 10th. SOOOOO the compromise is what’s probably the majority of Chris Pratt’s cameo in this episode. I can’t say this is at all strange, but it did feel like a giant commercial and not a competition show. I lost count of how many times they said “Jurassic World: Dominion”. So…so….many times haha.

The entire theme of the LEGO®️ Masters Sneak Peek revolves around dinosaurs, special effects and the JP franchise. From what we are able to see of the episode, it looks pretty fun and once again explosive. The small portions of builds are promisingly awesome and should bring the kabooms and sizzle. And it looks to me like this is at least the first or second episode of the season as all 12 teams are present. That would make sense as traditionally no one goes home in the first episode. So thankfully there’s no spoilers to report.

It’s funny – Prehysterical even

Chris Pratt does a nice bit of bantering with Will Arnett and even some of the teams. And what’s a show about dinosaurs without a dinosaur cameo? Blue the velociraptor comes on stage a few times to cause mischief and scares a few times. It’s the usual cute stuff and it mostly works. The opening gags of Chris in Will’s trailer actually got a decent chuckle out of me. Watching him play with minifigures is actually entertaining – go figure. . . go minifigure? 😂

Canuck Representation!

Is anyone else excited about not 1, not 2, but 3 teams from Canada for season 3? It’s great to see that the competition opened up to us AFOLs north of the border. We get an introduction for each of the teams there’s a nice bit of variety from the Canucks – here’s hoping any or all of them make it quite far! And to make it extra Canadian, one of them even does a maple syrup shot with Will. Again, family show and how else do you hammer home you’re from Canada? It was odd though folks LOL, I’ll pass on the sugar water. But aside from that #BRICKTHENORTH!!!

Our New Teams

We don’t have much info on the teams aside from names. Our Canadian teams are Nick & Stacey, Dave & Emily and Stephen & Stephen. We already see some good ideas from all three. Best of luck folks! The other teams all get a little chance to shine and it honestly looks like a fun group. Here are the cast promo pics:

And that’s a wrap on the world’s most confusing commercial for a dinosaur movie. All-in-all it was a nice preview and I am eager to see the full episode. I’m a big dinosaur nerd so I’m absolutely eager to see what the teams come up with. But what do you think? Are you eager for more LEGO®️ Masters USA? Are you excited for some Canadian representation? Are you eager to see the latest Jurassic World film? Comment below and let us know. Thanks for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’ 🧱


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