September 27, 2023
Unboxing the Eiffel Tower

Unboxing the Eiffel Tower (Build Journal)

The LEGO® Eiffel Tower is a monster of a set. When fully built, it will measure almost 1.5 m high (nearly five feet). At 10,001 bricks, it is the second largest set ever produced in terms of brick count. However, it is the tallest set the LEGO® Group has ever issued. Since it is not exactly a single evening build, I decided to share my progress here at True North Bricks. I did something similar with the UCS Millennium Falcon. Up first, unboxing the Eiffel Tower. I filmed myself opening up the box and sorting through the contents. Catch the video below!

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided this set for review. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable commentary.

Watch the unboxing of the LEGO® Eiffel Tower on YouTube!

Opening the main box revealed three smaller boxes inside. The printing on the smaller boxes forms the complete image of the Eiffel Tower when stacked. It’s a nice, though unnecessary detail. I don’t imagine many people keeping the interior boxes. If you’ve opened the main box, chances are you will build the set and not hoard it. Following that, I organized all the numbered bags. They are randomly placed in the three boxes. To improve build experience, the numbered bags should more closely follow the instruction manuals in the boxes. Incidentally, each box contains one of the three instruction manuals as well.

Interesting things of note in the box:

  • No stickers
  • LOTS of dark grey parts.
  • 12 x nougat colored City-theme road plates
  • 4 x dark grey colored City-theme road plates
  • 4 x sandy green colored City-theme road plates
  • 8 x dark grey roller coaster track elements

The parts bags feature a lot of dark grey (obviously). I worry that moving forward this will produce a “snow blind” type of build. Meaning, as you search for pieces, you struggle to pick them out in the sea of grey. With that said, there are a number of neat parts. I doubt I will have space to keep this set built. However, the City-theme road plates are a huge bonus for MOCs. I love those plates since you can build both above and below them. What do you think? Be sure to check back soon because in the next installment of the Eiffel Tower Build Journal, I’ll actually start building!

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