September 29, 2023
2022 VIP Weekend

2022 VIP Weekend Offers

The 2022 VIP Weekend takes place on November 19 and 20 online and in store. Similar to previous years, the event features double VIP points and several gifts-with-purchase (GWPs). However, there are some changes too… but they are all pretty amazing. There are MORE GWPs, exclusive VIP rewards, and 5x VIP points on select sets!

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VIP Points

Let’s get this burning question out of the way first. Yes, double VIP points is back on all purchases for November 19 and 20. However, new this year, select sets are also up for 5x VIP points from November 15 – 28 in store. The selection includes a number of BIG kits, so your potential points accumulation is amazing. What’s more, the 5x points starts BEFORE the weekend. Consequently, you can rack up your points so you have enough for the amazing VIP rewards we’ll chat about in a moment. Here’s the list of sets you can get 5x points on IN STORE ONLY:

5x VIP points sets for the 2022 VIP Weekend.
LEGO® sets eligible for 5x points during the 2022 VIP weekend.

VIP Rewards

In addition to the double and quintuple points, the VIP rewards center will also feature new points redemption items. Of particular interest is the release of the Dragon Adventure Ride, which was formerly a Toys R Us Asia exclusive. Or course, here in Canada we got the Pirate Adventure Ride and Space Adventure Ride as Bricktober GWPs at Toys R Us. It’s exciting to see one of the other sets not offered during Bricktober pop up in the VIP Rewards center. Here’s the full list of items you can redeem with VIP points on November 19 and 20:

  • Hulkbuster blueprint (digital download): 50 points
  • VIP Logo keychain: 950 points
  • Dragon Adventure Ride set: 2400 points
  • Black Panther bust set print (limited and numbered): 3500 points
  • A chance to win 1,000,000 VIP points (no redemption necessary)


The 2022 VIP weekend also brings three GWPs at various price points. One of them, the Winter Elves Scene, will also come as a GWP during the Black Friday event from November 25-28. Here are the offerings:

  • LEGO® baking set with purchases over $80 CAD ($12.99 CAD value).
  • Winter Elves Scene with purchases over $220 CAD online and in store ($24.99 CAD value)
  • Tribute to LEGO® House with purchases over $320 CAD online and in store ($39.99 CAD value).

Will be getting anything?

I think this is the largest assortment of VIP weekend offers I’ve ever seen. They come hot on the heels of the early November GWPs, and right before the Black Friday specials. I already made purchases to get the earlier offers… but 5x points… the Loop Coaster is looking appealing. With that said, I might still pass and wait for Black Friday. It’s a little up in the air at the moment as I sit on the fence. One thing is for sure, I’m making a run for that Dragon Adventure Ride. Will you be buying anything on VIP Weekend? What do you think of the promotions? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media. You can also go check out these offers directly at

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6 thoughts on “2022 VIP Weekend Offers

  1. Weird that other countries are getting money rebates in exchange of 100 VIP points for the 5x sets but not us.

    That’s what we get for being so polite. 😅

    1. Us Canadians need to be more up in their face and maybe they’d try to appease us with better offers. Just remember to say sorry, eh? 😂

  2. “Here’s the list of sets you can get 5x points on IN STORE ONLY:”
    Too bad and so sad.
    No Lego retail store within a country mile.
    I would have to visit another province to take advantage of this promotion.

    As a VIP member, I may take advantage of the GWPs and the double points promotion offered online.
    Thanks for the timely information.

    1. Sorry to hear you won’t get the quintuple points. It really is too bad the deal is online only. At least you can still get the GWPs and double points. Thanks for sharing!

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