September 29, 2023
Early November 2022 GWPs

Early November 2022 GWPs

October 2022 was an amazing month for LEGO® freebies. Both the LEGO® and Toys R Us offered amazing gifts-with-purchase (GWPs). We saw Ray the Castaway and the Bricktober Pirate and Space Adventure Rides to name a few. This month is shaping up nicely on top of that. The early November 2022 GWPs are great for LEGO® collectors. But how do you pick between them? I could not. Consequently, I ended up acquiring all of them, and quite by accident. I did not even know the LEGO® in-store only promotion existed until yesterday! So, what can you get? Let’s take a look.

I’ll be cozy this winter with my LEGO® blanket and scarf.

Firstly, the LEGO® website is offering a blanket and scarf. You redeem 3,150 VIP points for the scarf, we chatted about that in another article. Secondly, spending $255 online from November 1 – 11, 2022 scores you a fleece blanket with LEGO® patterning. I went online to get the scarf, which requires a purchase to redeem. While considering my purchase (check that out on TikTok), I found the blanket offer. I decided to go for it as well and knock a few more items off my wish list. The blanket is really nice a fluffy. It is about 165 cm x 120 cm. I love the Minifigure and brick-print patterns. Additionally, I enjoy the bright colors.

Early November 2022 GWPs: Fun and Funky VIP add-on pack.

That shopping spree also landed me the Fun and Funky VIP Add-On Pack. This offer comes with purchases over $65 CAD both online and in store. The offer is valid while supplies last from November 1-18, 2022, and supposedly again from November 29-December 31, 2022. It’s an odd assortment of parts. I do not find it as exciting as the previous Pirates or Halloween add-ons. I might buy those if they were ever for sale. This one, I would not. There are some interesting parts (see below), but nothing screams “WOW!” to me.

The Fun and Funky VIP Add-on does not “wow” me.

After shopping online, I went to the LEGO® Store for fun. There I found another GWP. Spending over $80 CAD in store gets you a free set of Minifigure head coasters. I did not need to buy more. However, the LEGO® Store updated the Build-a-Mini and Pick-and-Build selection. Consequently, I was able to score the coasters. They are a nice, thick rubber. Additionally, each one is double-sided with different facial expressions. I love these. I would buy them if they were available for retail.

If I was to rank my personal preference among these early November 2022 GWPs, I would say:

  1. Blanket
  2. Coasters
  3. Scarf
  4. Fun and Funky VIP Add-On
Early November 2022 GWPs: Coaster packaging.
VIP Coaster packaging.

Keep in mind, these are only the early November 2022 GWPs. There is no official word yet on late November promos. However, the LEGO® Group historically offers wonderful GWPs around VIP Weekend and Black Friday. Incidentally, VIP weekend is confirmed for November 19 – 20. This usually involves double points on all purchases as well as early access to the Black Friday GWP. Last year, there was also special set available through a points redemption. Of course, there is also Black Friday from November 25 – 28. In the past, we’ve seen amazing deals and GWPs for this even as well. Are you enticed to make purchases now? Will you wait for VIP weekend or Black Friday instead? Let us know your plans in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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