September 24, 2023
Hulkbuster Revealed

New Hulkbuster Revealed

A new Hulkbuster was revealed by the LEGO® Group this morning. This is the second adult-oriented Hulkbuster set in five years. Incidentally, the first one (76105) came out in 2018. However, the new version includes 2686 more bricks than its predecessor and stands twice as tall. The press release states this Hulkbuster is 52 cm high and 47 cm wide. Designers based the look on the Age of Ultron film, and constructed it such that the Iron Man buildable figurine (76206) can fit inside. The Hulkbuster joins Table Football from LEGO® Ideas on the November release roster.


  • NAME: Iron Man Hulkbuster
  • SET #: 76210
  • THEME: Marvel Superheroes
  • COST: $699.99 CAD ($549.99 USD)
  • BRICK COUNT: 4049
  • VIP EARLY ACCESS: November 4, 2022
  • RELEASE DATE: November 9, 2022
  • COST/BRICK: $0.17 CAD (passable value)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 4049 bricks/fig (not many minifigs for a set this big.)


Consisting of 4,049 pieces and standing at 52 cm tall, the LEGO® Hulkbuster is impressive in size, and boasts and incredible amount of detail. The red and gold set depicts the MK44 – the 44th version of the Iron Man suit and features posable arms, a light brick on the chest, two light bricks on the hands. There is also an accessible cockpit, which can fit the LEGO® kid’s version of Iron Man inside (SKU 76206). The set also includes a Tony Stark minifigure and an info stand for the minifigure to be displayed on.

Similar to the 2018 version, this Hulkbuster includes one Minifigure. That is not a huge character count for a set this size. However, the minifig is really only a display piece. This set is not Minifigure scale, and certainly not a playset. As such, I can forgive the low character count. With that said, Hulkbuster is also quite pricey. At $0.17 CAD/brick, you are are not getting a terrible deal on bricks, but it is certainly not good either. What do you think of the new Hulkbuster revealed this morning? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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6 thoughts on “New Hulkbuster Revealed

  1. “$700 is an exorbitant price point. Many sets are becoming too expensive for us regular folks.”
    I happen to agree.
    I foresee this set being discounted steeply in the near future.
    Overpriced and not particularly appealing.
    The price point is a killer.
    “Thankfully, there continues to be a range of smaller sets in a more affordable price range. I’ve been looking at this more from the standpoint that I have to be more selective about new sets I buy.”
    For $700, I can buy two $150 sets plus four $125 sets.
    I could have more fun and enjoyment that way.
    Personally, I think TLG is going in the wrong direction making these ultra-expensive sets.

    1. You are very right that you can get more sets for the same amount of money. I tend to agree that more sets is more enjoyment. I guess some people must really like the larger sets though. Why produce them otherwise? I guess time will tell is that market is big enough.

  2. $700 is an exorbitant price point. Many sets are becoming to expensive for us regular folks.

    1. I many cases, I think it’s more a question of size rather than price. As LEGO continues to produce larger and larger sets, they will naturally also become more expensive. Thankfully, there continues to be a range of smaller sets in a more affordable price range. I’ve been looking at this more from the standpoint that I have to be more selective about new sets I buy, so I will instead start to focus more on the bricks I have and getting creative with MOCs. That’s why I got into the hobby in the first place and somewhere along the way I got lost in a sea of sets😂

      1. Well said. I am also back to purchasing bulk bricks instead of new sets. Better value and more fun!

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