December 2, 2023
Borg Queen Fantasy Minifigure

Borg Queen Fantasy Minifigure

It is Minifigure Monday! This week marks the final entry in our Star Trek Voyager series. That’s right, we reached the twelfth character. And who better to close the series than the Borg Queen fantasy Minifigure? While not strictly a Voyager character, she did appear in four episodes of the show. However, she really earned her place as a classic Star Trek villain in the Next Generation movie, First Contact. In terms of Voyager, the Borg Queen appeared in the episodes Dark Frontier, Unimatrix Zero (Part 1), Unimatrix Zero (Part 2), and Endgame.

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The Borg Queen was the most difficult of the characters in this series to draw. The skin detailing and the cables entering her head were challenging. Additionally, I wanted a pose that suggested she was being lowered from above. In fact, I created two iterations of this drawing. One showed the Borg Queen with cables coming out of her back. I imagine if this was ever created as a Minifigure, the cable on her head would be molded onto a bald minifig head-topper. A backplate with knobs could serve as the attachment point for external cables.

I drew two iterations of the Borg Queen fantasy Minifigure.

The Borg Queen appeared as one action figure in the Playmates series. She came in Warp Factor, series 5, along with the Borg Drone Seven of Nine. However, this version of the Borg Queen was based on her appearance in First Contact and not Voyager. The action figure came out in 1998. It is one of my favorites. While I never opened mine, I always loved that her head, neck, and robotic spine were removable just like in the show and movie.

Alice Krige portrayed the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact, as well as in the Endgame episode of Voyager. As the original Borg Queen, I was thrilled to meet her at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas back in 2012. It was a long wait though. My wife and I sat in the convention auditorium into the wee hours of the morning. Krige flew in the day of her talk. She stayed for hours afterwards to sign autographs for everyone waiting in the auditorium. Additionally, she took the time to chat a little with everyone, despite being visibly exhausted. Since she is from South Africa, I was able to talk to her a little about my time working in her home country. It remains one of my most memorable celebrity encounters.

Meeting Alice Krige was one of the most memorable celebrity encounters I’ve had.

We have reached that bittersweet moment. After pouring so much time and effort into a fantasy Minifigure series, it has come to an end. This series represents months of time and planning. On the one hand, I glad it is over and I can focus on new projects. On the other hand, after all that time and effort, it is a little sad that it is over. I looked forward to sharing these characters. Hopefully, you enjoyed the series. Minifigure Monday will take a hiatus for now as I think of a new direction for the column to embark on. Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

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Star Trek Voyager series including the Borg Queen Fantasy Minifigure.
Star Trek Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series. This is an original artwork which cannot be used, reproduced, or modified in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

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