September 28, 2023
Toms July 2022 Haul

July 2022 Haul

Watch this July 2022 haul video on True North Bricks’ YouTube Channel.

It is time for my July 2022 haul. I didn’t go too crazy this month. In fact, most of my purchases were small impulse buys. Firstly, I found out there were LEGO® Con t-shirts and hoodies on that I was completely unaware of. I wish I had known about them before LEGO® Con. All the same, I picked up one of each just for fun. I found them while I was birthday present shopping for someone else. What AFOL doesn’t need more LEGO® items in their wardrobe? Besides, LEGO® Con was awesome this year, why not celebrate it? Interestingly, since ordering them, both items vanished from without a trace.

Any time I order off of, I always check the VIP Rewards Center. It just so happens a new tin sign popped up. This one is the straight-up LEGO® logo. I am collecting all the tin signs slowly. I already have the City, Ninjago, and vintage LEGO® logo from previous hauls. As I slowly organize my LEGO® room, I will put all the signs up on the wall.

How popular are these tin signs? I certainly love them.

July 2022 Haul: LEGO logo tin sign.
LEGO® logo tin sign (front) and its envelope (rear) available currently in the VIP Rewards Center.

Next up, I headed to the LEGO® Store to take advantage of the free 90th anniversary build. The event took place in store from July 20-21, 2022. Simply by going to the store, you could build and keep a red 2×2 brick model. Don’t worry if you missed out. The event returns on August 10 and 11. The store makes a limited number of builds available each day. However, it is a free, fun build. If you can’t make it to the store, I posted photos of the instructions below. Consequently, you can gather up the bricks and build one in any color at home!

July 2022 haul: 90th anniversary brick build.
90th Anniversary free in-store build from my July 2022 haul.

After building my 2×2 brick, I made my way to the Pick and Build wall. As always, I saw interesting bricks I did not need, but might use someday. That alone is usually not enough to get me to bite the bullet. However, this time, I saw a 1×2 plate with rounded edges (open studs). I like the texture those create when building walls. Additionally, they allow you to build in circles easier than standard bricks. Consequently, I loaded up on them. I stuck them all together in long columns and filled the gaps with 1×1 round, quarter tiles to get my money’s worth. I intend to use the quarter tiles as stone work for a gravel look in a future MOC.

Pick and Build rarely has what I need now… but there’s always stuff I might need later.

On a separate trip to a different LEGO® Store, I filled a second cup. This time, I found 1×1 round tiles in dark blue. I have enjoyed designing my own LEGO® Art style mosaics in Studio lately. I want to see some of them become physical builds. One of my projects involves a lot of blue. It was pure luck that I found the color I needed at the LEGO® Store. They also had 1x2x1 1/3 curved slopes in white. I do not need those at the moment. However, I used a number of them to produce my recent white tiger MOC. So, I decided to replenish my stock a little. The rest of the parts I bought just in case I need them some day…

My pick and build selection for July 2022.

Finally, I found a good deal on a couple of Jurassic World sets. Truthfully, these were minifig and dinosaur purchases. I have no interest at all in the builds. I am tired of vehicle sets. There are so many of them in so many different LEGO® themes. I wanted these sets because they contain characters from Camp Cretaceous, the animated series based on Jurassic World currently on Netflix. I love that show. As such, I wanted the main characters as Minifigures. It never hurts to get different color variants of dinosaurs either. If I ever build a LEGO® Jurassic Park, I’ll need herds. But I digress… I doubt I will even build these sets. I’ll remove my figurines and part the rest out into my collection. The sets were 36% off, which is a pretty good deal in my mind. That got me to take the dive.

Yup, these were straight-up Minifigure purchases.

So, nothing overly large and spectacular this month. I am quite excited about my new hoodie and t-shirt. Additionally, despite the sets being uninteresting, I got a number of minifigs and a couple of dinosaurs that I wanted. Pick and Build cups open up lots of build possibilities too, bringing hours of entertainment. Did you make a July 2022 haul? What did you get? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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2 thoughts on “July 2022 Haul

  1. hello, I have never bought at the PAB wall, but they interest me since I would love to do some modifications to the 3-1 Medieval Castle. How do you proceed ? The employees help you or is it a self-service ? Most are so high and out of reach, I can’t even see what they are . Sorry for the ” stupid ” question but I am new in the hobby . Thanks

    1. Hi Lili,
      They are not stupid questions at all. The Pick and Build wall is self-service. Usually on one side, there is a plastic cup dispenser. You pick which size cup you want, and you just start filling it with pieces. The upper levels of the wall are usually just for display and do not even contain actual bricks. Most of the time, there is nothing above the Pick and Build and sign. Usually, anything you can buy is within reach. However, if not, the LEGO store employees are generally really nice and eager to help. In my experience, they like to chat about the pieces you are picking.

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