December 7, 2023
Creator Vespa (40517)


The Creator Vespa (40517) is a great option, especially if the Vespa 125 is outside of your budget! I absolutely love smaller models like the Vespa. It is nice to be able to build a nice little model without needing to devote a lot of time, especially on busy days. The Vespa does a great job of achieving the iconic shape despite its small size. It is a fairly simple model but uses some interesting techniques and angles. Let’s take a closer look!

NOTE: The LEGO® Group provided this set for review. However, the provision of products does not guarantee a favorable review. I will use the usual True North Bricks rating system (click here for more information) and provide my honest opinion.


  • NAME: Vespa
  • SET #: 40517
  • THEME: Creator
  • COST: $12.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 118
  • RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2022
  • COST/BRICK: $0.11 CAD (good value)
Creator Vespa (40517) side profile


  • VALUE: 71%
  • BUILD: 92%
Creator Vespa (40517) rear angle


VALUE: 71%

The Creator Vespa was a quick little build for me and took me only 12 minutes. Although this results in a high cost per minute of $1.08/minute, I feel I got a lot of value out of the build experience and that it wasn’t too quick of a build. Unfortunately, the True North Bricks (TNB) rating system favours slower builders so this set only gets 44% on this metric when compared to other Creator sets review by TNB. If it takes you closer to 15-20 minutes to build then it would bring it in closer to 64%-84%. When compared to all LEGO® sets it improves significantly with a score of 68% (79%-90% if it takes you closer to 15-20 minutes to build). As I have mentioned before, I don’t think time to build necessarily equates to value. However, averaging these two scores gives a final cost/min score of 56%.

Creator Vespa (40517) seat pitch and rear fender

In addition to time to build, the True North Bricks value measure also includes cost per bricks. The Vespa has 118 pieces and retails for $12.99 CAD. This translates to $0.11/brick or a score of 83% when compared to Creator sets reviewed by True North Bricks. This is slightly better than average. When compared to all sets that have been reviewed, the score jumps to 89%. Averaging these two scores, the cost per brick score is 86%. Averaging both cost related scores provides a final value score of 71%.

Creator Vespa (40517) headlight and handlebars

BUILD: 92%

The front of the box looks great with the built model displayed in front of a scene resembling an Italian plaza. The box also features the Vespa branding on the bottom corner. Interestingly, the image on the back is a similar image to the one on the front. I think it would have been nice to include a different angle. A shot from the back with the license plate would have added some variety. Inside the box there are two parts bags, a small sticker sheet, and the instruction manual.

Creator Vespa (40517) set bags

Interesting Techniques

Similar to the Vespa 125, this set uses a combination of various techniques as well as curved and sloped pieces to achieve the iconic shape of the Vespa. Interestingly, a 1×2 technic brick with axle hole is used to build the area just below the seat rather than a regular 1×2 brick. I found this particularly puzzling unless the visible part of the cross hole is meant to represent something. If you know, tell us in the comments!

SNOT (studs not on top) techniques are used to attach the front panel/leg shield and rear fenders. However, one of the most interesting techniques is the use of a technic axle to connect the front and back of the model. It is very efficient and adds a lot of strength.

A nice little technique is the use of four 1×1 round plates with shaft to attach the foot boards. This allows it to sit parallel to the ground but at a slight angle to the rest of the model. I also really like the simple design used for the handlebars.

Good Part Selection

Despite the small size of this set, it features some interesting parts that are relatively new. I love the new combination 1×2 modified plate/1×2 modified brick with Technic hole. This is an element I have wanted to see for some time. Currently, it only comes in red and light bluish grey (aka medium stone grey). Hopefully we will see it in even more colours in the future. As a fan of creating vehicle MOCs, I also really like the 2×2 bowed corner brick. This element was introduced in 2020 and comes in 10 different colours.

Creator Vespa (40517) interesting parts

This set also comes with four 1×3 inverted arches. I think this piece will be great for making all sorts of MOCs. Despite only being introduced last year (2021), it already comes in 14 different colours. Another newer element that has only appeared in four sets is the 4×5 wheel fork with arms and pin holes. There are also a number of other great elements including the new 1×5 plate, symmetrical 2L bar with stop ring, 2×3 tiles, 1×2 rounded plates, and many more great pieces.

Creator Vespa (40517) front angled view with Vespa sticker

The final model is very nice, especially considering this set is only 117-pieces! Additionally, the chassis does not sit parallel to the ground. This allows the front panel and rear fenders to be angled slightly, giving it a more realistic look. The only design aspect that I don’t love is the width of the front fender. Using the 2×2 bowed corner brick limits the fender to a width of 4 studs. While I like the curved corners of the fender, I don’t love the 4-stud width. Overall, the build experience was good, especially for such a small set. I give this model a build score of 92%.


While I enjoyed the build experience, the entertainment value is slightly limited. There is no kickstand to allow the model to securely stand on its own. However, I don’t think this model was intended as a display model in the same way the Vespa 125 was. In contrast, this set is more about play. And I do find it much sturdier than its larger counterpart. This facilitates play much better. However, it is much larger than minifigure scale and does not come with instructions on how to build a figure at an appropriate scale.

Creator Vespa (40517) side angled view

I have enjoyed building miniland scale figures in the past and thought I would see what one looked like on the Vespa. I found one on my display shelf that was in a sitting position so figured I would try it out. It isn’t quite right but you get the idea of what you could do.

The Creator Vespa includes some great details including a couple of stickers that give a nod to the vintage Vespa brand. The front left side of the leg shield includes a sticker with a Vespa logo. The Vespa logo also appears on the license plate along with the numbers 1946. This is the date that Piaggio registered the first Vespa patent – April 23, 1946. To improve the entertainment score, I would have liked to have seen a crate or something included with a baguette and bottle of wine. I give the Vespa an entertainment score of 86%.


The Creator Vespa is a great little set, especially if you are looking for something a little different than a typical minifigure scale model. It is a quality build experience that can be built in a short amount of time. The playability could be improved with a miniland scale figure. If you prefer it as a display model, then you will need to add a kickstand. It is certainly a nice looking model and worthy of being on display. Overall, the Vespa earns a final score of 83%.

What do you think of the Creator Vespa? Have you tried creating a miniland figure for your Vespa? Tell us below or reach our on social media!

Play well folks,

-Krista (she/her)

Creator Vespa (40517) overhead view

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