June 8, 2023
Tom Paris Fantasy Minifigure

Tom Paris Fantasy Minifigure

It is Minifigure Monday! Consequently, it’s time for the next reveal in my Star Trek Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series. You may recall we are working our way through the characters in chronological order. The fourth character seen in the pilot episode was Voyager’s pilot. Therefore, today’s reveal is the Tom Paris fantasy Minifigure. However, in his first scene, Paris is not a Starfleet officer. When we encounter him, Tom is serving out a sentence in a Federation penal colony. Incidentally, he was arrested for working with the Maquis rebellion.

Tom Paris Fantasy Minifigure episode on YouTube.

I like to try and add a little life to my Minifigure drawings. Mostly, I pose them in a way that is true to how Minifigure parts might move were they alive. That inspiration comes from the LEGO® movies. I loved how the characters could move more than an actual Minifigure. However, they were still rigid in a way that made you believe they are living plastic. For Paris, I worked on drawing his arms crossed. It is surprisingly challenging to cross Minifigure arms while maintaining the look of a minifig arm. As usual, I drew this on my iPad in Vectornator.

It seems Tom Paris did not have many deep, resounding quotes in Voyager…

Tom Paris Fantasy Minifigure. This is an original artwork that cannot be used, copied, or modified in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

I have two Tom Paris action figures in my Voyager collection. Firstly, Playmates released Paris in his Starfleet uniform. This figurine came out in the first wave of Voyager toys in 1995. He includes a Type-II phaser, away team landing gear pack, compression phaser rifle, Personal Access Display Device (PADD), display stand, and collectors’ card. The second figurine came in a general Star Trek series. It followed the Voyager line in 1997. This series was not show specific, featuring characters from all different series. The ’97 Paris action figure showed the character mutated. Paris appeared this way in the episode “Threshold” from season two. This one includes a Type-II phaser, collectors’ card, display base, and three mutant babies. Interestingly, they are the offspring of Paris and Janeway, but that is another story.

Robert Duncan McNeill portrayed Tom Paris for all seven seasons of Voyager. I actually met McNeill in Canada. He attended Fan Expo in Toronto back in ’09. Unfortunately, I do not have much of a story for this autograph. The process was very assembly line. However, McNeill did personalize my autograph. That is always appreciated. In the process, we briefly discussed the origin of the spelling of my name… Interestingly, I have had that same conversation with many celebrities at several conventions.

I met Robert Duncan McNeill in Toronto!

Four Minifigs down and eight to go! Check back next week for the fifth character in the Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series. Do you know who it will be? I’ll give you hint: SHE picked Paris up from the penal colony in the first episode. Let me know what you think of the Voyager series in the comments below or on social media.

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Voyager Series including the Tom Paris Fantasy Minifigure
Star Trek Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series. This is an original artwork which cannot be used, reproduced, or modified in any way. ©2022 True North Bricks.

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  1. These are great – nice work again! Love the Batwing on the wall too 😛

    My guess is Captain Janeway. I seem to remember she was looking for some ace pilot or something. Maybe there was a historical connection between her and Tom too – can’t remember.

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