September 29, 2023

LEGO® CON is Back!

LEGO® CON is back for a second year! The LEGO® Group will be hosting this free family event online on June 18, 2022. This year’s event will also kick off the 90th anniversary celebrations. The LEGO® Group promises “jaw-dropping reveals” including an announcement of a new LEGO® theme! There will also be reveals in many of the current themes including Brickheadz, Friends, Marvel, Minecraft, Ninjago, Star Wars, Super Mario, and even Minifigures!

90th anniversary bash
©2022 The LEGO® Group

Jaw-Dropping Reveals!

It’s always exciting getting the first glimpse of new sets so I will likely tune in to see what will be hitting stores this year. I am not sure how “jaw dropping” the reveals will be, but I am definitely curious to see what’s coming our way. Certainly, the inclusion of Minifigures on the list of reveals has piqued my interest. I find this particularly interesting since they just released the Muppets.

I tuned in last year and was a bit disappointed in the content, but then I don’t have kids. This sentiment was echoed by many AFOLs. I was also expecting a similar experience to other LEGO® fan conventions like BrickCan and I suspect other AFOLs may have expected the same. The LEGO® Group is being much clearer this year that the target audience for this event is families, though AFOLs are always welcome.

LEGO® CON streaming live 18 June 2022, 5pm London, 12pm New York, 9am Los Angeles
©2022 The LEGO® Group

Jam Packed Event

The LEGO® Group is touting this as jam packed event with all kinds of topics and activities. There will be designer demos, guided build challenges, and 90th anniversary surprises. They have also invited some of their favourite collaborators including special guests from Warner Bros. Studios London, Mojang Studios, and Pixar Animation Studios. There will also be a live LEGO® Masters build challenge with special guests. With all the LEGO® Masters versions around the world, I wonder who they have invited to join them?!

Despite not being particularly impressed by LEGO® CON last year, I am glad LEGO® CON is back for 2022. As mentioned, The LEGO® Group has clarified that this is a family-focussed event. So AFOLs be warned! They have also added a lot more variety to the line-up. While AFOLs might not find all elements of the event particularly interesting, there is sure to be some highlights for LEGO® fans of all ages.

LEGO® CON join online
©2022 The LEGO® Group

How to Tune in!

If you’re interested in attending this free family event, you can tune in to  or on June 18th. LEGO® CON starts at noon Eastern and 9am Pacific. If you already have plans on the 18th, then you can watch the recording via the same links above.

Will you be tuning into LEGO® CON 2022? Which part are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

Play well folks,

-Krista (she/her)

LEGO® Con 2022 Trailer. ©2022 The LEGO® Group.

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