June 9, 2023

Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series

Growing up, I was always a Star Trek fan. When I was really small, I watched reruns of the original series. However, I also remember catching the premiere of The Next Generation on TV. I watched each and every series, and continue watching to this day. However, my favorite series growing up was Star Trek: Voyager. Something about being lost of the far side of the galaxy appealed to me… as did the prospect of having to travel through Borg space. The Borg were always my favorite villains. Unfortunately, the LEGO® Group does not have a Star Trek license. If they did, I would be first in line to buy the entire first wave. Until such a time, I have to entertain myself by imagining what the Minifigures and sets would look like. Hence, the Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series.

Voyager Fantasy Minifigures Series

I am very excited to share this new series with you all. I have been drawing these characters since January. Some might lack the finesse of the Brickstock Fantasy Minifigures Series because I was simultaneously teaching myself how to draw on an iPad with an Apple Pencil. Regardless, I am still really proud of the results. This Minifigure series will also have a twist. I will share tidbits from my Voyager collection with each character reveal. Consequently, this series will contain a non-LEGO® element as well. The Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series will officially kick off next week with the first reveal. I will go through characters in order of appearance on the show. Do you which character appeared first in Star Trek Voyager? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

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2 thoughts on “Voyager Fantasy Minifigure Series

  1. I’d buy them all up if there was a ST LEGO series as-well. Although not a huge fan of the show, I do enjoy it mostly. Okay…taking a guess who appeared first in show, I’m going with the guy with the tattoo (Chakotay?). Wasn’t there a scene where they were part of some rebel faction in the beginning…?

    Btw, you might like the MEGA blocks version of the Enterprise. I haven’t built yet but it’s massive and looks amazing. Sorry, a bit of non-lego info lol.

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