December 8, 2023

Jane Goodall Tribute (40530) Review

Dr. Jane Goodall has always been an inspiration to me. Back in high school, I decided I wanted to be a wildlife biologist. I completed a diploma in ecology and a Bachelor of Science in wildlife biology to that end. One of the key figures who set me on my quest was Dr. Goodall. Her journey and work inspired me to want to study wildlife. Interestingly, I have met Jane Goodall twice. I doubt she remembers me from the throngs of people she met on both occasions. But for me, they were both extremely memorable events. Consequently, when the LEGO® Group announced a Jane Goodall Tribute for this year’s International Women’s Day gift-with-purchase (GWP), I was pretty excited. The promotion is now over, but I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts on the set this week anyway.

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  • NAME: Jane Goodall Tribute
  • SET #: 40530
  • THEME: Gift-with-Purchase ($29.99 CAD value)
  • COST: Free with purchases over $150 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 276
  • OF INTEREST: 3 chimpanzees
  • RELEASE DATE: March 3, 2022
Jane Goodall Tribute


  • VALUE: 100% (Free with a purchase I would have made anyway.)
  • BUILD: 80% (The build doesn’t blow me away, but I like it.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 76% (Jane is a nice minifig, but the set needs another character…)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (Dr. Goodall is awesome, even as a minifig.)
  • OVERALL SCORE: 89% (Very good set.)


VALUE: 100%

I always give GWPs 100% in this category. This particular set came in my March 2022 haul.  I buy a lot of LEGO® sets for parts, reviews, and display. Consequently, my March purchases easily passed the $150 mark… in fact, I actually got two Jane Goodall sets. However, I would have bought everything in my March haul anyway. With that said, I planned the timing of purchases to ensure that I got a Jane Goodall set. You can’t beat free LEGO® in terms of cost-per-brick and build time. And this was Jane…

Jane Goodall Tribute

With that said, the Jane Goodall Tribute took me 37 minutes to build. Additionally, the LEGO® Group advertised this promotion by saying the set had a $29.99 value in Canada. With 276 pieces, the cost-per-brick was $0.11. Meanwhile, the cost-per-minute of build time was $0.81. Both are better than average based on our usual rating system. Consequently, if you buy this set at the recommended retail price, I rate the value at 86%.

Overhead view of Jane Goodall Tribute.

BUILD: 80%

The Jane Goodall Tribute features a little jungle scene with a stream built on a display base. You assemble three trees and a little bit of uneven terrain. I own last year’s International Women’s Day Amelia Earhart Tribute, though I have not built it. However, I wanted that set for the pieces used to build the display base. Comparatively, the display base for Jane Goodall is less robust. For display purposes, I wish the bases were the same. Additionally, I wish they were both like the Earhart set. If you are displaying these sets together, a common base structure makes them look better side-by-side.

The set is also really a display piece. It needs to sit still on your shelf. I say this because the trees are not particularly sturdy. Placing chimpanzees on them causes them to break rather easily. I found the smaller trees come apart when you remove chimps from them as well. As such, this is not a build for Minifigure jungle adventures.

Otherwise, the build is aesthetically pleasing. However, it does not offer any new techniques or parts. It does have a Jane Goodall plaque though (albeit a sticker). The set does not blow me away, but I like it. That earns it a fairly average score of 80%.


The Jane Goodall Tribute includes one Minifigure. You guessed it: it’s Jane!  While she does not have a double-sided face, she does feature front and back torso printing. However, there is no leg printing. I think the shorts and boots look would have been appropriate. In terms of accessories, Jane has binoculars, and there are three chimpanzees. With that said, one minifig is not enough for a set this size. I know, I know, the set is about Jane Goodall, so who else do you need? But the brick-to-fig ratio here is still pretty bad. I rate the Minifigure score at 76%.


The Jane Goodall Tribute is sure to please fans of the iconic ethologist (someone who studies animal behaviour). Jane was an inspiration to me, and I am sure to countless others as well. Will I display this piece forever? I am not sure. It could look nice next to my autographed Jane Goodall photo and books though. I really like this set, and I am glad the LEGO® Group selected Dr. Goodall for this honor. It will be displayed for a while for sure. I’ll give it 100% because I’m a Dr. Goodall fan.


This was a GWP, so it didn’t cost me anything extra. As such, I think it’s a great value. However, if you pay the recommended price for set, the value is good, but not great. The Minifigure design is the same, good but not great. However, it is Jane Goodall. Who doesn’t love Jane Goodall? She totally deserves immortalization as a Minifigure. I will display this set for sure. What do think of the Jane Goodall Tribute? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


My autographed photo of Jane Goodall 🙂

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