December 4, 2023

Vintage Camera (6392343) Review

The week before Black Friday 2021, The LEGO® Group treated fans to a double VIP points weekend. The event included the Vintage Camera (6392343) set promotion. The set was available using VIP points instead of a gift-with-purchase. 2000 points earned you the set. However, you needed to make a purchase still to get the set. Items redeemed with VIP points ship with purchases. At the time, I had nothing to order. I did my VIP shopping in store since the online shop lacked stock for any of the sets I wanted. Consequently, I waited until the new sets launched January 1 before I redeemed my code for the camera. Now, the Vintage Camera is back in the VIP rewards center. You can acquire one again for 2000 points. As a result, I figured the time has come to review the set, in case you are considering spending the points.

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Vintage Camera box art.


  • NAME: Vintage Camera
  • SET #: 6392343
  • THEME: VIP Gift
  • COST: 2000 VIP Points
  • BRICK COUNT: 179
  • RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2021
Vintage Camera box contents.


  • VALUE: 90% (Good amount of bricks and build time for the VIP points.)
  • BUILD: 80% (A nostalgic design with some realistic features.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 70% (Niche interest set that is not an impressive display.)
  • OVERALL SCORE: 80% (Average set.)
The instruction book doubles as the box art.
The instruction book doubles as the box art with this kit.


VALUE: 90%

In order to get this set, you need 2000 VIP points sitting around. 2000 points is equivalent to a $20 CAD discount. Consequently, I assign this set a $20 value. With 179 bricks, the cost-per-brick works out to $0.111. That is very good. Comparatively, the average cost-per-brick for all the sets we have reviewed at True North Bricks is $0.139. As such, I rate the cost-per-brick at 89%.

Vintage Camera front view.

The Vintage Camera took me 31 minutes to build. With a $20 value, each minute of build time costs $0.65. By comparison, our average cost-per-minute is $0.85. As such, you get a very good amount of build time for the price. That earns 90%. Taking this into consideration with the cost-per-brick, I rate the overall value for the Vintage Camera at 90%.

Rear view of the camera.

BUILD: 80%

The Vintage Camera is not particularly large, so do not expect a life-sized model. However, it does capture a classic film camera decently well. A number of dials and buttons lend realism, as does the used of 1×1 round tiles for texture. I particularly like the opening back with the small buildable film canister that fits inside. Playing with the model transported me back to high school trips and having to switch film rolls after approximately 24 photos. Younger AFOLs might not relate…

The Vintage Camera features an opening back and film canister.

The camera has a couple of issues I wish were designed differently. Firstly, you cannot look through the viewfinder. I feel like it is easy enough to use two window pieces to make a completely see-through section on the camera. Secondly, the lens does not rotate. The camera would have more realism with those changes. With that said, it is a neat design if you are into cameras. I rate the build at 80%.

Vintage Camera with lens cap off.
Vintage Camera with lens cap off.


Is the Vintage Camera nice enough to display? Maybe. As mentioned before, it is not very big. Additionally, while it has some fun functionality, it does not offer a lot in that department either. As such, it is not very impressive as a display piece. However, if you like cameras, it might be your thing. From my perspective, I could see this as a sign or display above the door to a custom camera shop in my LEGO® city. Otherwise, it is a spare parts kit. I do not see this set having wide AFOL appeal, and I think it is really a niche interest piece. I rate the entertainment at 70%.

Overhead view of camera.


As a VIP points redemption, the Vintage Camera is actually a good deal. It has the equivalent value of a $20 points voucher, and you acquire a decent number of bricks for that amount. For a small set, it is okay in terms of design. Additionally, those old enough to remember pre-digital camera times might find it a little nostalgic. However, the Vintage Camera does not have much functionality beyond the opening film compartment. I am okay having used $20 worth of point to get this. I earned the point through purchases I would have made anyway. However, I probably would not buy this as a set for actual cash. How do you feel about the Vintage Camera? Let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media.

Until next time,


Underside of the camera.

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