June 5, 2023

Bricks Of Christmas Past – Day 7

A Look at LEGO® Christmas Sets From Past to Present

Welcome back to the 12 Bricks of Christmas Past! This is my countdown of traditional Christmas subjects done over the years in LEGO® form. Seasonal LEGO® sets are always a huge hit over the holidays. So for the next 12 days – the traditional Christmas amount – I’m going to look at a particular subject and see the offerings past to present. There’s some fun stuff to explore so check back each day 😉 Click below for previous articles and read on for today’s topic!

The Bricks of Christmas Past gets a sweet, delicious entry today with Gingerbread! We’re looking at all the gingerbreads – houses AND people. Plastic bricks might not be quite as tasty as the actual sugar cookie, but there’s a decent resemblance in most cases. But please don’t get the two confused as one has sharp, awful corners that are tough on the throat. Although, if you’re a terrible baker, that might apply to your food as well. Just please be careful. Alright, enough warnings, let’s go take a bite out of some gingerbread.

Gingerbread Man / CMF Series 11 / 2013 / #71002 / 5 pcs

Our first gingerbread person is the Gingerbread Man from 2013. This adorable fig is from the 2013 Collectible Minifigures series. It’s also the second holiday figure from this series after the Christmas Elf – covered on Day 1. I love this figure! The printing on the torso and legs is great, and the head sculpt is super clever. That mug is wonderful too. In 2015 a keychain with this same minifigure was also available. And in 2016 a minifig packaged in a small house-shaped box was given as a GWP.

Gingerbread House / Seasonal GWP / 2015 / #40139 / 277 pcs

Switching to gingerbread houses, we get our first set of the sugary building. In this case it’s a mini scale building with plenty of colourful decorations. The Entrance candy cane columns are a sweet touch, as are all those cupcakes and printed pieces! This is definitely one of the best holiday GWPs.

Advent Calendars / Seasonal / 2017-2019 / 13-22 pcs

Advent calendars from from the City and Friends themes bring some teeny, tiny versions of a gingerbread man and gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread House / Creator / 2019 / #10267 / 1477 pcs

2019’s Creator Winter Village set is a larger scale Gingerbread House. There’s a great interior and lots of festive accessories in this set! There’s even extra gingerbread goodness thanks to a lovely gingerbread couple. And we even get our first female and child versions of gingerbread folk. Mrs Gingerbread has a nice printed skirt piece and the child is done with a printed 1×2 tile. Mr Gingerbread man has a fancy mustache and his gumdrop buttons are red now (in comparison to the first minifig). It’s a super set but if you didn’t get it, maybe you got the next one?

Mini Gingerbread House / Seasonal GWP / 2019 / #40337 / 499 pcs

So if you didn’t get a chance at the big gingerbread house, maybe you snagged this smaller mini scale version. This is 2019’s holiday GWP. Just like it’s bigger brother, it has lots of colourful decoration and super smart details. The entire thing is nicely scaled down and fits beautifully in your winter village – I know I love mine! Also, that’s a really decent piece count for a GWP.

even the mortar is edible!

I hope you enjoyed today’s extra-sugary Bricks of Christmas Past my friends. I freaking love gingerbread in all forms. Sadly it’s been way too long since I made a gingerbread house or cookie person. Still got some time before Christmas, I’ll have to make it happen. But what do you all think? Are you munching on some gingerbread as you read this? Do you make the world’s best gingerbread house with all the details? Please comment below and on our social channels to let me know. And as always, keep on brickin’. 🧱


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