December 10, 2023

Bricks Of Christmas Past – Day 6

A Look at LEGO® Christmas Sets From Past to Present

Welcome back to the 12 Bricks of Christmas Past! This is my countdown of traditional Christmas subjects done over the years in LEGO® form. Seasonal LEGO® sets are always a huge hit over the holidays. So for the next 12 days – the traditional Christmas amount – I’m going to look at a particular subject and see the offerings past to present. There’s some fun stuff to explore so check back each day 😉 Click below for previous articles and read on for today’s topic!

We’re at the halfway mark for The Bricks of Christmas Past! To celebrate Day 6, we’re going to hop on the holiday train. Literally. Model trains are often a staple of Christmas villages. Trains will circle around a grouping of historic/traditional buildings (churches, city hall, etc). To me it’s a very North American image. Somewhat romantic and nostalgic too. Also, some people just really love trains overall, not just on the holidays. I have never done a winter village, but I do love models so it’s definitely something that I could see myself getting into. All aboard!

Advent Calendars / Seasonal / 2013-2021 / 14-26 pcs

A staple of LEGO® advent calendars are micro build trains. Several sets include a locomotive and some type of car. Licensed sets like Harry Potter have brought us a teensy, tiny Hogwarts Express as well. Roller skate elements make the best train wheels btw.

Christmas Train Polybag / Seasonal / 2012 / #40034 / 82 pcs

A great polybag with a festive design. I like the cargo carriage filled with stockings.

Christmas Train / Seasonal GWP / 2015 / #40138 / 233 pcs

A nicely detailed set with great colours and the most precious cargo of all – sugary treats!

Winter Holiday Train / Creator / 2016 / #10254 / 734 pcs / 5 minifigs

The holiday train levels up substantially with this set. A full set of tracks, cargo, minifigures and accessories make for a fantastic creation. It’s part of the winter village collection and a hugely popular set – one that is still highly sought-after. Making the set fully motorized is a smart decision and adds a lot of fun and value to it.

Christmas Train Ride / Seasonal / 2017 / #40262 / 169 pcs / 3 minifigs

We’re shrinking the fun down once more with this set. The inclusion of micro builds and minifigs is a nice combo.

Christmas Train / Creator Polybag / 2018 / #30543 / 66 pcs

Shrinking down ever further with this one. Newer parts help to give this tiny set some decent details. At this rate, the next holiday train will be basically 4 pieces 😋

Come on ride the train

And that’s our midway point for the Bricks of Christmas Past my friends. I do enjoy a good train as much as anyone. But they’re usually bringing me somewhere. LEGO®-built trains have certainly come a long way over the years. Motorizing them to move is an awesome feature. And seeing a themed holiday train is totally great, it’s so satisfyingly festive. But what are your thoughts? Are you on board the holiday train? Do you have a model village with a train for display at Christmas? Should we expand the holiday train to include Bullet trains and even subway cars? Please comment below and on our social channels to let me know. And as always, keep on brickin’. 🧱


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