September 25, 2023
April Mini Bat-Haul

April Mini Bat-Haul

On April 1, we got wind of some new LEGO® Superheroes sets. Among them was the Classic TV Series Batmobile. That set made my wish list upon announcement. Consequently, I have been scouring stores for it in the hopes of getting it early. That did not happen, and the set is already on backorder at However, I stopped by my local LEGO® Store today while running errands, and there it was. As such, I made an April mini Bat-haul.

I am not old enough to have watched the ’60s Batman when it originally aired. However, I none-the-less grew up watching it. Re-runs aired after school on YTV in my youth. I have fond memories of the show, and even met Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar at Fan Expo one year. A few years ago, I let the 1960s Batcave set slip into retirement. I wanted the set primarily for the minifigs and vehicles. Sadly, I could not justify the cost at the time. Therefore, I am happy that the Batmobile is back as its own set. Additionally, it comes with a display stand. It will look great next to the Limited Edition 1989 Batmobile as a result.

After my epic Millennium Falcon purchase during double VIP points, I have some vouchers to burn. Consequently, I decided to use some on the Batmobile. However, I needed to add a little on in order to use up the voucher. I opted to finally try the new road plates. Yes, they are different from the road plates of old. However, I am hopeful that I will like these. I once reviewed a FLEGO road plate that you could build under. I lamented that LEGO® did not have a similar product. It looks like you can build under these new roads, which makes them much more versatile in custom city development. I will keep you posted on my thoughts on these.

My purchase also qualified me for a couple of freebies. Firstly, I got the Dots picture frame. I am neither here nor there about it. The second appears to be a Quebec LEGO® Store exclusive. The set was actually available widely last year as a Mother’s Day promo. However, I was informed at the LEGO® Store today that it is back this year only in Quebec. So, Quebec LEGO® fans, if you want something unique for your mom, now’s your chance to get the Buildable Mother’s Day Card (5005878).

Watch my haul video on YouTube.

There you have my April mini Bat-haul. You can watch my shopping video above. Did the Batmobile make your wish list? Or perhaps you made a haul of your own recently? Feel free to share in the comments below or reach out on social media. Until next time,


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