June 2, 2023

January 2021 Harry Potter Sets Announced

News of the winter 2021 LEGO® sets is starting to pop up. Recently, we learned of the Chinese New Year sets. Now, we get a look at the January 2021 Harry Potter sets. These sets break the mold a little. Each kit features an alternate Hogwarts textbook. Subsequently opening up each book reveals a different classroom from the famed wizarding school. In total, there are four classrooms to collect. Rooms include charms, potions, transfiguration, and herbology. Read on for set specifics.

76385 – Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class

January 2021 Harry Potter charms class.
©2020 The LEGO Group.
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 256
  • MINIFIGURES: 3 (Harry Potter, Cho Chang, Professor Flitwick)
  • COST-PER-BRICK: $0.156 (satisfactory)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 85-to-1 (very good)

76384 – Hogwarts Moment: Herbology Class

January 2021 Harry Potter herbology class.
©2020 The LEGO Group.
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 233
  • MINIFIGURES: 3 (Cedric Diggory, Neville Longbottom, Professor Sprout)
  • COST-PER-BRICK: $0.171 (acceptable)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 78-to-1 (very good)

76383 – Hogwarts Moment: Potions Class

January 2021 Harry Potter potions class.
©2020 The LEGO Group.
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 271
  • MINIFIGURES: 3 (Draco Malfoy, Seamus Finnigan, Professor Snape)
  • COST-PER-BRICK: $0.147 (satisfactory)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 90-to-1 (very good)

76382 – Hogwarts Moment: Transfiguration Class

January 2021 Harry Potter transfiguration class
©2020 The LEGO Group.
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 241
  • MINIFIGURES: 3 (Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Professor McGonagall)
  • COST-PER-BRICK: $0.166 (satisfactory)
  • BRICK-TO-FIG RATIO: 80-to-1 (very good)

Interestingly, each of these “Hogwarts Moments” connects with the others. Consequently, you get a 360-degree play opportunity. When it is time to pack up, the scenes and accessories stow away into the book cover for easy transport. This is an interesting concept. Additionally, the books are a new direction for the Harry Potter theme. I certainly like this buildable book more than the Disney Princess version from 2020. These sets also contain a great number of characters for kits in this size range. Finally, it comes at a satisfactory value for the most part. What are your thoughts on the January 2021 Harry Potter sets? Feel free to comment below or on social media.

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January 2021 Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment
©2020 The LEGO Group.

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