June 9, 2023

LEGO® and Men’s Wear Stores Fourth Update

Time for my LEGO® and Men’s Wear Stores fourth update. I added the final floor of the LEGO® Store. Consequently, the build is near completion. However, I have yet to design a sign for the Men’s Wear boutique. Additionally, the tram tracks need some tiling. I have not decided how I want to go about either issue though. I need to build some more of the shopping promenade before I can resolve the tile issue, I think.

In addition to completing the top level, I also needed to rebuild the bottom. You might recall from earlier posts that this city block sits on top of my Willa’s Witching World store and a train tunnel. Initially, I used a non-LEGO® brand baseplate to cover that lower level. That way, the whole shopping promenade block could lift off to reveal the tunnel and store beneath. However, as I was connecting this block to my existing city and train tracks, I encountered a problem. If the train tracks locked into place, they also locked the baseplate. I could no longer easily remove it to access Willa’s. Therefore, I ended up replacing the one solid baseplate. I permanently attached the roof of the train tunnel. Meanwhile, the LEGO® Store and Men’s Wear Boutique remain removable in modular style to access Willa’s below.

To my annoyance, I had to rebuild the whole bottom layer of this block…

LEGO® and Men’s Wear Stores fourth update: I had to rebuilt access to my Willa's Witching World store below.

In terms of the final floor of the LEGO® Store, I included a break room. There is a sink, a coffee machine, and a small fridge. Additionally, I provided the employees with comfortable seating and a box of donuts on the coffee table. To complete the look, I put a few boxes of stock in one corner. Finally, I put up some artwork. This LEGO® Store is the amalgamation of four different sets. There are three different versions of the LEGO® Store (60097, 40305, and 40178). Additionally, I incorporated some features from The Minifigure Factory (5005358). I took the mini-Minifigs and the history card from that set and displayed them on the wall in the break room.

I recently rearranged my whole LEGO® city. Consequently, it is smaller than it used to be. However, I popped this new block into place. I like the way it looks. I aim to build upwards with most of the blocks I insert. Ninjago City inspired the whole thing. I love the idea of the lower levels of the city looking old with newer levels built up above it. Currently, I do not have much reflecting that idea. However, I am working towards it. You can see some pictures of how it looks right now below. I hope you enjoyed this LEGO® and Men’s Wear Stores fourth update. I would love to hear what you think. Reach out in the comments below or on social media.

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