September 24, 2023

LEGO® and Men’s Wear Stores Third Update

I am now ready to share my LEGO® and men’s wear stores third update. While I still need to design a sign for the men’s wear store, the shop is essentially complete now. The third level of the custom build is the roof top for that store. I stayed more-or-less true to the Townhouse Toy Store set it was based on. However, I wanted the turret roof to be broader. Sadly, I did not have enough dark blue bricks to pull that off. Therefore, my roof is black. Overall, the store is still recognizable as the original set despite me changing the colors.

I did not want to leave the roof of the men’s wear store empty. Since the LEGO® Store will be much taller, I thought the empty space would look funny. I have been looking for a fun way to incorporate the VIP sign from the Iconic VIP set into my city for a long time. This project presented the perfect opportunity. I turned it into a billboard on the roof of the men’s wear store. The billboard design is based on the one from the Grand Emporium set. I did modify it a little to work with the bricks I have on hand as well as to add stability.

I used the Iconic VIP sign as a billboard.

LEGO® and Men's Wear stores third level.

This level of the LEGO® Store features more shopping space. However, this is the last level of the store. I am planning to make the floor above a break room for employees. This floor is mostly Ninjago and Friends products. Consequently, I placed a Lloyd Minifigure and Emma mini doll as statues. Once this build is in my city, I will pose minifigs taking pictures around these statues. Additionally, you can note an exterior color change from the lower levels. The LEGO® Brand Store set (40305) inspired these upper floors.

LEGO and men's wear stores third level.

That is it for this LEGO® and men’s wear stores third update. One floor and exterior detailing remain. In developing ideas for details, I posted a survey on social media a while back. I asked if I should make a street level or elevated tram. The votes and comments overwhelmingly called for street level. So, you can look forward to developments on that in the next post. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment below or reach out on social media.

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