December 7, 2023

Willa’s Witching World MOC

It has been almost two months since my last MOC update. However, I have a good reason. My basement (and therefore LEGO® room) was in shambles. The original owners of my house did not install the sump pit properly. In fact, they did not really install a sump pit at all. It was just a bucket in the floor. So, I had professionals come in and install a proper pit, pump, and back-up pump. However, they had to excavate the space for the new pit. Therefore, my LEGO® was all covered in plastic sheets to save it from dirt and dust. Luckily, that issue is now behind me. Additionally, I took the opportunity to re-plan my city layout since I had to move everything for the sump pit job. Now, all is status quo. On top of that, I finished my Willa’s Witching World MOC.

Willa's Witching World custom build.

Willa’s Witching World is on the bottom level of a multi-tier city.

I started Willa’s Witching World in May. You can read about the early iterations in previous posts (links at the end of the article). It has gone through build ups, accidental smashes on the floor, tear downs, and re-builds. I even had to change the configuration of the train tunnel next to it to fit my new city layout. However, I now have a store I am happy with. My original goal was to have a small shop with a back room for fortune telling. I also wanted a multilevel bookcase inspired by a store I visited in New York City. The backroom idea had to go. The idea did not lend itself well to the multi-tier city I am building. An entire city block is waiting to be built above Willa’s. The backroom made the bookshelf and supporting the upper city level difficult.

I am happy to say that my bookshelf turned out nicely though. I even nailed the spiral staircase leading up to the second level. The fortune teller still has her crystal ball (that lights up) and table. However, they are now in the main shop. I added a black cat, a frog, and the owl cage I discussed in an earlier post as well.

A spiral staircase leads up to the second story of the bookcase.

The shop is full of Easter eggs to all sorts of sets and past themes that I have enjoyed. I tried to include items with some sort of magical background or interpretation. If you pay close attention to the pictures, you can find curios from the Minifigures series, Castles, Pirates, Harry Potter, Western, Marvel Superheroes, Disney, Prince of Persia, DC Comics Superheroes, Nexo Knights, Ninjago, City, Hidden Side, and even Aquanauts!

One of the major lessons I learned through this process is less is more. I find that I often spend a lot of time trying to make things exceptionally ornate or detailed. However, there is something to be said for simplicity. I am happy with the way this store turned out, even if my shelving units do not have golden trim and moldings. You can make something look great using LEGO® bricks by strategically placing details that draw the viewer’s eye. You do not necessarily need every inch to be hyper detailed.

Can you spot all the Easter eggs?

Hopefully, you enjoy this MOC as much as I do. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire some of your own projects. I would love to hear if it does.

Until next time,


p.s. For more about the early iterations of this custom build, check out:

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