September 28, 2023

Hydro-Man Attack (76129) Review

This week, we take a rare jump into the world of Marvel Superheroes. I like Marvel, but I do not often buy the sets. Not too long ago, I found a good deal on Hydro-Man Attack (76129). Originally, I did not intend to purchase this set. However, the bridge reminded me of the one in Ninjago City. Consequently, I began to envision new uses for the bricks. What finally sold me was finding the set for 46% off. Unfortunately, the set is now retired. But this week we will see how it fares in a review anyway.

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  • NAME: Hydro-Man Attack
  • SET #: 76129
  • THEME: Marvel Superheroes (Spider-Man: Far from Home)
  • COST: $49.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 471
  • RELEASE DATE: April 22, 2019
Hydro-Man Attack (76129)


  • VALUE: 89% (Great value-per-brick, good build time value.)
  • BUILD: 70% (Structures lack detail.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 90% (Nice character selection and detailing.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 85% (Great for superhero-buffs, and somewhat inspiring for adults.)


VALUE: 89%

Hydro-Man Attack cost $49.99 in Canada at full price. With 471 pieces, the set had a cost-per-brick of $0.106. That is great. Comparatively, my average cost-per-brick is currently $0.14. Consequently, I rate the value-per-brick at 91%. With that said, I found this set for 46% off on a Walmart liquidation rack.  I spent $27 on this. At that price, each brick cost me $0.05, which is hard to beat.

Hydro-Man Attack (76129)

This set took me 70 minutes to build. Had I paid full price each minute would cost $0.71. All things considered that is not a bad cost-per-minute. It earns 86%. However, at 46% off, each minute cost me $0.39. Again, that is hard to beat. Averaging the value-per-brick and the value-per-minute scores gives an overall value rating of 89% at full price. At 46% off, the score is an easy 100%.

Coffee Shop exterior in Hydro-Man Attack (76129).

BUILD: 70%

Hydro-Man Attack consists of two small builds that complement that main set. The scene depicted is Venice. Therefore, no Venetian display is complete without a gondola. The boat serves its purpose in this set. However, I thought of many simple missing details that would have made it look better.

Gondola in Hydro-Man Attack (76129).

Additionally, you assemble a tower of water for Hydro-Man. The build looks nice and has some stickers added on for watery effect. However, as with the gondola, the tower would be better with extra detail. In this case, simply making the sections of the tower rotate. The movement would make the whole structure seem more fluid. Additionally, the effect is achievable by replacing two bricks.

Hydro-Man’s water tower should have rotating sections.


The main build is a small section of Venetian canal. I like the bridge. As I mentioned in the introduction, it reminds me of a less ornate version of the one in Ninjago City. There are two exploding play features built in. One involves two plates on the bridge blowing off. This works well with any Minifigure because the plates used have no studs. The second feature is a section of boardwalk beside the café. However, the hinge plate and chairs on this section all have studs. Therefore, if attached properly, a Minifigure will not detach from the plate when it flips. You need to loosely place the character on the chair for this feature to work properly.

The structures that surround the bridge lack substance. The façade of arches on top of it is a little boring. It looks like the real structure in Venice by silhouette only. The coffee shop has a little more substance, but still lacks detail. Finally, I do not like that you can see through the bridge steps. That design should be more complete. Overall, I rate the build for Hydro-Man Attack at 7/10 (70%).

The coffee shop in Hydro-Man Attack (76129).


This kit includes four Minifigures. Each one comes with all the standard parts. Additionally, all of them have front and back torso printing, and all but Mysterio have front and back head printing. I refrained from saying “double-sided faces” there because only Peter and MJ have those. Hydro-man only has one face. The back of his head features a watery print. Mysterio has no face or head printing. I think printing a smoky pattern on the silver headpiece would have been cool. Otherwise, only Mysterio has leg printing.

In all, the set includes two unique characters. MJ, apart from her head, consists of standard parts. Mysterio is exceptionally detailed but is also available in two other sets. Peter and Hydro-Man are unique to this kit. Additionally, Peter is awesome. I love his torso printing and partially pulled down mask. Finally, there are loads of accessories. You get a rat, two pizza slices, a red jewel, a newspaper, two cups, Mysterio’s two firing bolts, cape, and head-globe, as well as Spider-Man’s many web pieces. I rate these character designs at 100%.

Four minifigs in a 471-piece kit equates to a brick-to-fig ratio of 118:1. Comparatively, my average is currently 145:1. That is good and earns a score of 80%. While I am not complaining about the count or selection, the ratio could improve by including a gondolier. Such a Minifigure with a horrified expression would have been comical. Averaging the design and ratio scores gives an overall Minifigure rating of 90%.

The gondolier is not included in this set, but it would have made it better don’t you think?


As an adult collector, I do not have much use for this set as it is. I bit the bullet and bought it because of the amazing deal I found. However, the Minifigures are great. Additionally, the set inspired me to work on my own custom projects. While the Venetian look is not inline with my LEGO® city, the base structure would look great in my Ninjago district. I can design some fun Asian-inspired buildings around it instead. For that reason, I rate the AFOL score at 4/5 (80%).

Rat in the sewer of the Hydro-Man Attack set (76129).

For kids, the set has a lot going on. While not incredibly detailed, the explosion features increase play value. You can act out a movie scene with this. As a kid, I think I would have liked it. I was really into superheroes, and I remember wishing they came in LEGO® format too. However, this set appeals only to superhero fans, and not a broader audience. I rate the KFOL score at 4.5/5 (90%). Averaging the AFOL and KFOL scores gives an overall entertainment rating of 85%.


Hydro-Man Attack is a decent set. At full price, the value is good, and you get great Minifigures. Additionally, I feel the base structure inspires MOCs. However, the Venetian facades lack substance. I am thrilled to have these Minifigures, but I am even more thrilled with the deal I got for the kit. I would not have bought this set at full price, but I am happy to have it now. With that said, Hydro-Man Attack is a retired set. I do not think it is worth purchasing on the secondary market at any price above the original value. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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