September 24, 2023

Holiday Special Trailer

Back in August, we reported on the upcoming LEGO® Star Wars Holiday Special. Tonight, the LEGO® Group unveiled the official Holiday Special trailer. The special arrives for streaming November 17 on Disney+. Incidentally, that is exactly 22 years after the original, much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Special aired. However, this year, the program takes on an all new LEGO® form that brings together characters from across timelines thanks to a time travel capable crystal. I will not delve too much into it here. You can watch the amusing the trailer for it just below instead.

As we learned in August, the LEGO® Star Wars Holiday Special follows suit of the original. Consequently, we will enjoy characters from multiple points in Star Wars history celebrating Life Day, a time-honored Wookie tradition. Of course, there will be some product placement involved. This year’s Holiday Special features character designs from the 2020 Star Wars Advent Calendar. What are your thoughts on the LEGO® Star Wars Holiday Special trailer? Feel free to comment below or reach out on social media.

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LEGO® Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer advertisement.

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5 thoughts on “Holiday Special Trailer

  1. That… really does look good. I’ve seen parts of the original Star Wars Holiday Special, and it was as cringy as cringy things get. But this actually does look good.

  2. I just found time to watch the trailer, it actually looks amazing. Love the concept, it sounds absolutely hilarious!

    Now I’m just hoping Ninjago does something like this!🤞🏼

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