September 29, 2023

Happy Halloween 2020

This is set to be a very different Halloween. With Canada in the grips of the second wave of COVID-19, many families will miss out on the time honored tradition of trick-or-treating. With that in mind, True North Bricks hopes to make Halloween a little spookier with a free pumpkin coloring page. Despite all that is going on in the world, I hope everyone has a happy Halloween 2020.

Happy Halloween 2020
Happy Halloween 2020 from True North Bricks.

The pumpkin that I drew for this post is based on the Minifigure headpiece from the LEGO® Group. The part appeared in seven different sets since 2015. Additionally, it made the rounds of the Build-a-Mini stations at the LEGO® Store during Halloweens past. The pumpkin first appeared in the Scooby-Doo theme in 2015. It featured in the Mystery Plane Adventures (75901) and Mystery Mansion (75904) sets. Subsequently, the part showed up in the Disney Castle (71040) and LEGO® Education Fantasy Minifigure (45023) sets in 2016, Halloween Haunt (40260) in 2017, BrickHeadz Ghost (40351) in 2019, and this year’s Halloween Hayride (40423).

You can download the free pumpkin coloring page below. I hope it makes the season a little more festive in these trying times. Happy Halloween 2020 everyone.

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Download the Pumpkin Coloring Page

Sample of the pumpkin coloring page.

This free coloring page offer has expired.

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