June 5, 2023

BYGGLEK Storage Boxes Review

On October 1, 2020, IKEA released their collaboration with the LEGO® Group. This highly anticipated product line was officially announced on August 27. The collection includes storage boxes which are compatible with LEGO® bricks. You can build right on them. Additionally, IKEA is selling an exclusive LEGO® brick kit. I headed straight to IKEA after work on release day to pick up the whole collection. Today, I present the BYGGLEK storage boxes review. We will look at the LEGO® brick kit in an upcoming review.

BYGGLEK storage boxes
BYGGLEK product line from the LEGO® Group and IKEA.

At my local store, IKEA set up the BYGGLEK collection in the children’s section. The products feature on shelves as well as pallets on the floor. The display in store was clean, simple, and minimalist in typical Scandinavian style. Additionally, a lot of BYGGLEK was available. Interestingly, the products are not available online as I am writing this. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, many shoppers will be reluctant to go in store. With the second wave of infection ramping up in my neck of the woods, I know I was not super comfortable going in. However, very few people were in store shopping and it was easy to social distance.

BYGGLEK storage boxes review

The BYGGLEK storage boxes come in four sizes. The smallest sizes come in a packaged set. The box contains two of the smallest size and one of the second smallest for $15.99 CAD. The next size up retails for $19.99 CAD, while the largest is $24.99 CAD. As far as pricing goes, BYGGLEK is not the cheapest option for LEGO® storage if your collection is large. I cannot see myself buying many containers at $24.99 to sort my bricks.

BYGGLEK storage boxes.
Different sizes available for BYGGLEK storage.

With that said, the boxes do stack easily. Additionally, there are studded ledges on the sides of each box. Therefore, you can place a brick on the side acting as a label. It allows clear identification of boxes if you decide to sort bricks by box.

BYGGLEK storage box.
Each box features space for construction on the sides.

The two largest boxes require some assembly. However, the process is fast and easy. The sides slide into each other and the base clicks into place making the structure sturdy. I was surprised to find how loosely the lid fits though. If you tip the storage box over, the lid falls right off. There is no clutch power whatsoever. Additionally, while the boxes stack well, they do not hold together in typical LEGO® style. The boxes not sticking to each other is not a major issue for me though. That would make accessing stacked boxes of parts annoying. However, the lid is a problem. One thing is certain, these boxes are meant for stationary storage.

BYGGLEK lids have no clutch power.

Overall, I can see these boxes being fun for small collection storage and playrooms. However, I hoped to use the small ones for carrying bricks on my photography excursions. While I can still do this, the lid requires a rubber band to stay in place during transport. This means these boxes are also not ideal for keeping kids entertained on road trips. In my LEGO® room, the boxes will store unsorted bricks and Minifigures for the time being. I like that they stack nicely, and you can build on them. However, the lids lacking clutch power is a major downside for me. What are your thoughts on the BYGGLEK storage boxes?

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