September 27, 2023

Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) Review

I started my career in wildlife biology. Consequently, I have a big interest in animals. I like to collect LEGO® animals as a result. I have numerous alligators already. However, the Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) caught my interest early on. It has an albino alligator. I waited quite some time to buy the set, but I finally found it on sale. As such, this week we are looking the Wrecked Shrimp Boat from Hidden Side.


  • NAME: Wrecked Shrimp Boat
  • SET #: 70419
  • THEME: Hidden Side
  • COST: $39.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 310
  • OF INTEREST: 1 albino alligator
  • RELEASE DATE: August 2, 2019
Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) comes with a canoe and albino alligator.


  • VALUE: 82% (Average cost-per-brick and build time value.)
  • BUILD: 80% (Nice looking boat but lacks key shrimp boat features.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 96% (Well detailed figurines, and a lot of them for a kit this size.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 80% (Characters are fun, but the boat did not fully meet my expectations.)


VALUE: 82%

At full price, the Wrecked Shrimp Boat costs $39.99 in Canada. Additionally, the kit contains 310 bricks. This means that the cost-per-brick is $0.13. Comparatively, my average is currently $0.14/brick. Therefore, the Wrecked Shrimp Boat is just a little better than average. Consequently, it earns a score of 83%. As I am writing this, the set is getting old. I found mine on liquidation for 27% off. At that price, I paid $0.09/brick, which is excellent (97%).

Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419)

The Wrecked Shrimp Boat took me 48 minutes to build. At full price, the cost-per-minute of build time is $0.83. By comparison, my average is also currently $0.83/minute. Therefore, this set gives you a good amount of build-time for the price. I rate that at 80%. On liquidation, my cost-per-minute was $0.60, which earns 92%. Averaging the build-time and cost-per-brick scores at full price gives an overall value grade of 82%. At the liquidation price that I paid, I rate it at 95%.

Rear view of Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419).

BUILD: 80%

The Wrecked Shrimp Boat comes with two variations in one set. Firstly, you can assemble the shrimp boat as an actual boat. Additionally, you can split it in two as if it broke apart on a brick-built rocky outcrop. The rocky outcrop has the haunted feature characteristic of Hidden Side. A ghostly face flips up out of one of the rocks. By itself, this build is not interesting. It looks good with the boat on it though.

The Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) wrecked on the rocks.

For the price point, the boat is decent. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed with it though. I expected a little more substance. I took photos with a net, however the set does not come with one. A shrimp boat needs a net. It should also have a crane of some kind for that net. It looks more like a recreational fishing boat than a shrimp boat. While I like the rocks as an alternate build, I would prefer a complete shrimp boat over the alternate assembly. Otherwise, I like it. I rate this build at 8/10 (80%).

Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419).


This set includes four Minifigures. Each of them has all the standard parts. Additionally, they all have front and back torso printing and some form of leg printing. The Parker and Jack minifigs also have double-sided faces. Their face expressions are the same as in the other wave one sets, however Parker has a different torso printing. Additionally, the ship captain has an amazing rain hat. My only disappointment with the character designs is that the deck hand only has a terrified expression. I suppose if my captain was possessed and I was shrimp-trawling in alligator infested waters, I might be terrified all the time too. In terms of accessories, you get the albino alligator, a ghost dog, a kayak, a paddle, a ghost head, tentacles attachment, two glow-in-the-dark cutlasses, a fish, and two cellphone tiles. Overall, I rate the design at 57/60 (95%).

In addition to four Minifigures, the set contains the alligator. For the purposes of the brick-to-fig ratio I count it as a figurine. Therefore, you get five characters with the Wrecked Shrimp Boat. With 310 pieces, the brick-to-fig ratio is 62-to-1. Comparatively, my average ratio is 148:1 at this writing. Therefore, you get an excellent number of figurines for a kit of this size. I rate the ratio at 97%. Averaging this with the design score gives an overall Minifigure rating of 96%.


The Wrecked Shrimp Boat appealed to me when it was first announced. I love LEGO® animals. Additionally, I thought the shrimp boat would go well parked in Ninjago City Docks, or next to the Old Fishing Store. I am still thrilled with the alligator. However, I am not as keen on the boat as I thought I would be. It is nice, and I might still put it in Ninjago City Docks. However, I like the Creator 3-in-1 Riverside Houseboat more. I rate the AFOL score at 4/5 (80%) because you get great minifigs and the alligator.

Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) albino alligator.

As with other Hidden Side sets, the Wrecked Shrimp Boat has augmented reality features. I tried the AR game with some of the sets I reviewed earlier, and it did not appeal to me. Therefore, I have not played the game with this set. However, that probably adds an element of fun for kids. I would have liked this set as a kid. While many people frown on the idea of gender-assigned toys, my feeling is this set appeals more to boys than girls. I rate it at 80% for KFOLs as well.

Possessed captain from the Wrecked Shrimp Boat set.


The Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) is a good set, but not a great one. The real selling points are an excellent selection of Minifigures and an awesome albino alligator.  The value at full price is good. However, the set is getting old, so you stand to get a good liquidation deal on it. In terms of negatives, I wish the boat had more substance. While I enjoy the wrecked alternate display, the bricks that build the haunted rocky outcrop could have made a more complete boat. All the same, I think the Wrecked Shrimp Boat is worth the purchase for the characters and the alligator. What do you think? Comment below or reach out on social media.

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3 thoughts on “Wrecked Shrimp Boat (70419) Review

  1. This looks so cool! Did you take all those pictures? They’re awesome!!!

    I will probably just end up buying this set for the AMAZING hairpieces! And I LOVE the rain hat!!!! It is so, floopy looking even though it’s plastic!!!

    I personally do not watch Hidden Side, but those characters are so cool looking!!! And I love the girl’s purple hair and beanie! I don’t know their names, sorry.😔

    And I had forgotten how cool the lego alligators look!

    I am very sorry for the excessive amount of exclamation points in this comment. 😬

    1. Yes, I did take all the photos. I do all my own photography and drawings on this site ☺️. Well, almost all. The LEGO Group provides pics for press releases. I’m glad you like it!

      This is a fun set. I also agree about the hair and hats. Hidden Side came out with some fun original stuff.

      1. Oh my First Spinjitzu Master that is so cool!!! You have terrific photography skills.

        The theme also gave us some really brilliant ghost minifigures, that would be perfect for Ninjago Possession mocs, since that didn’t give us a large variety of parts!

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