September 29, 2023

Willa’s MOC Second Update

This update contains free build instructions for an owl cage!

The time has come for my Willa’s MOC second update! Almost two weeks passed since I posted the first look. So, this build is progressing a bit slower than my last custom creation, the lighthouse island. However, I faced a set back with this one. Shortly after my first update, I dropped the MOC. I watched in horror as hours of work shattered on the floor. In the moments after, the loss of build momentum was palpable. Ultimately, it was for the best though.

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Willa's MOC Second Update
A floor view of the service counter with crystals in a glass display. Need a love potion while you’re here?

After accidentally trashing the whole MOC, I fixed some structural issues as I re-built. Additionally, one of the fundamental ideas I originally had did not work. Inspiration for this design came from a used bookstore I visited once in New York City. I wanted a two-tier bookcase with spiral stairs leading to the second level. However, I also designed a back room behind the shelves. Making the store modular with my original design for these two ideas did not work. Therefore, it’s back to the drawing board for the back room.

Do your Minifigures need an owl cage?

Willa's MOC second update - The Owl Cage.
My custom owl cage.

One often seen concept in sorcery related material is the idea of the familiar. A sorcerer’s animal companion. I am sure that my shop will have the stereotypical cats. However, I also want others. Since my build draws inspiration from many LEGO® themes, an owl became one such familiar. I used Hedwig from Harry Potter. Since you cannot have an owl flying free around a store, I designed a golden cage for it. The cage will sit in a window display.

Willa's MOC Second Update - the owl cage.

Interestingly, for such a small side build, I spent an entire evening designing it. The build went trough a few iterations, followed by a few different color schemes. I have decided to share the build instructions for it since it is easy enough to reproduce. Incidentally, I recently bought a new video editing software, and these instructions were my first project. Therefore, it is a little rough around the edges.

The video is also on YouTube. I tinkered with a channel there last summer, but dropped it when things got hectic with work and the whole COPPA thing went down. Moving forward, I will take a more casual approach with the channel as I learn my new software. As always, comments, thoughts, and discussion are welcome below or on social media.

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