December 7, 2023

Willa’s MOC Third Update

I must admit, progress on my latest MOC has been slow. However, after a couple of weeks of tinkering, it is time to share the Willa’s MOC third update. For those of you new to this project, I am building a sorcery boutique for the shopping promenade of my LEGO® city. Lately, most of my work focused on figuring out the shelving layout and contents for the store. However, I am not quite ready to share that bit. Additionally, I built a fortune teller’s table with a light-up crystal ball. We will take a closer look at that today.

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Willa'a MOC third update: fortune teller's table.

This table consists of 33 pieces. I raised the floor of Willa’s one brick height off the baseplate it sits on. Consequently, a light brick fits into the table without making the table too high for a Minifigure to use. Basically, the light brick inlays into a 2×2 hole in the floor. You can order all the parts on Bricklink if you do not already have them. Obviously, you can change the colors as well. The full parts list with the colors that I used are below, followed by a video tutorial.

Fortune Table parts list:

  • 8 x Brick, modified 1×2 log in brown (Bricklink part: 30136)
  • 8 x Brick, round 1×1 open stud in pearl gold (Bricklink part: 3062b)
  • 4 x Plate, 1×2 in trans-clear (Bricklink part: 3023)
  • 4 x Tile, round corner 2×2 macaroni in olive green (Bricklink part: 27925)
  • 2 x Plate, round half 3×6 with 1×2 cutout in dark tan (Bricklink part: 18646)
  • 1 x Technic brick, 4×4 open center in light bluish gray (Bricklink part: 32324)
  • 1 x Plate, modified 4×4 with 2×2 cutout in light bluish gray (Bricklink part: 64799)
  • 1 x Plate, round 1×1 in trans-bright green (Bricklink part: 4073)
  • 1 x Minifigure utensil, crystal ball globe 2x2x2 in trans-clear (Bricklink part: 30106)
  • 1 x Tile, 2×3 in black (Bricklink part: 26603)
  • 1 x Minifigure, head alien ghost with yellowish green face (Bricklink part: 3626cpb2451)
  • 1 x Electric, light brick 2x3x1 1/3 with trans-clear top and yellow LED light (Bricklink part: 54930c02)

Fortune Table tutorial video:

Speaking of Bricklink, this update also includes an order. I decided that the table design required a fortune teller to go with it. I was approaching the end of my dark age in 2013 when the series 9 came out. Consequently, I missed out on actually buying the Fortune Teller Minifigure. Therefore, I decided to order one on Bricklink along with a few other odds and ends I am running low on.

Willa's MOC third update - Fortune Teller

Now that summer has arrived, I will hopefully have more time to tinker with this MOC. Incidentally, the store space is ready. However, I keep second guessing the layout of shelving and products. Additionally, the store is on the street level of my city, so I will build more shops and buildings above it. That is it for this Willa’s MOC third update. As always, feel free to comment below or send me a message on social media. I would love to hear if you found the mini-tutorial is this post useful, or if you adapted it in some way 🙂

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