September 28, 2023

Superman Coloring Page

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of Minifigures through art… well it is mostly weekly… Recently, I have been thinking about tweaking the way that I run Minfigure Monday and coloring pages. I have been grappling with people stealing and selling my art. Therefore, I have already made changes to how I issue coloring pages. Additionally, I have been experiencing a bit of creative block since June. Consequently, I have not been very productive on the poetry and photography fronts. However, I have still been drawing and coloring a lot, as well as building custom projects.

Obviously, drawing is a form of art. Therefore, I have decided to merge coloring pages with Minifigure Monday here at True North Bricks. I will still post something artistic each week in this column. But, it will reflect my creative mood a little more. I think this will make the whole experience more authentic. It sometimes feels forced to have to produce a poem, or a coloring page, or a LEGO-fied image. Forcing the process does not produce my best work.

With that said, this week’s Minifigure Monday is a drawing of LEGO® Superman. The image was inspired by the figurine included in the Clash of the Heroes (76044) set. The set coincided with the release of the Batman V Superman movie in 2016. Additionally, the same Minifigure showed up in the Flying Fox (76087) set in 2017. That set was a Justice League movie tie-in. However, I have colored in the boots in my drawing so that he looks more like the Minfigure from 76046 – Sky High Battle. For your coloring pleasure, I have also produced a blank copy of the image to print.

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Download the Superman coloring page:

This coloring page offer has it expired.
This coloring page was available from August 10 until August 17, 2020 only.

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