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Superman Coloring Page

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of Minifigures through art… well it is mostly weekly… Recently, I have been thinking about tweaking the way that I run Minfigure Monday and coloring pages. I have been grappling with people stealing and selling my art. Therefore, I have already made changes to how I issue coloring pages. Additionally, I have been experiencing

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LEGO-fied: Batman V Superman

One of my hobbies in recent months has been LEGO-fication, or the recreation of pop-culture images using LEGO. My latest project involved the armoured Batman Minifigure from the Clash of the Heroes LEGO set. I tried to recreate the image from Batman V Superman when Batman stands on a rooftop and illuminates the Batsignal to lure Superman into a fight.

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LEGO Clash of the Heroes Review

This set is a must have for any Batman fan for one reason above all others: the Batman Minifigure. But, let’s take a look at the rest of the set too, just for kicks. Set Summary Name: Clash of the Heroes Set #: 76044 Cost: $15.99 CDN Brick Count: 92 Minifigure Count: 2 Manuals: 1 (35 pages) Release Date: January

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