May 30, 2023

Velociraptor Chase (75932) Review

Long time readers know that I am a hardcore Jurassic Park fan. The marrying of LEGO® with the franchise is like the clouds parting and a beam of sunlight shining down on me. I often buy these sets just to have the dinosaurs and characters in Minifigure form. While most of the sets are based off the Jurassic World films, two feature the original. I have already reviewed Jurassic Park T. rex Rampage featuring the iconic park gates. This week, I am looking at Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase (75932). The set came out in 2018, however I waited a while to purchase it. Though now retired, I found it on liquidation for 46% off. Sometimes patience pays off!

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  • NAME: Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase
  • SET #: 75932
  • THEME: Jurassic World
  • COST: $49.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 360
  • OF INTEREST: 1 velociraptor with unique coloring
  • RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2018
Re-enactment of Jurassic Park scene with Velociraptor Chase.
“You can’t hold it by yourself!”


  • VALUE: 79% (Average cost-per-brick, satisfactory build time value.)
  • BUILD: 70% (The set tries too hard to depict too many different scenes.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 91% (Great characters, three of which are unique to this set.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 75% (Nostalgic for adults, but irrelevant for kids.)
Jurassic Park logo in Velociraptor Chase.


VALUE: 79%

Velociraptor Chase retired in early 2020. Consequently, it is getting hard to find. You already see prices rising for it on the secondary markets. However, it originally retailed for $49.99 in Canada. With 360 pieces, each brick cost $0.139.  That is right on average, earning a score of 80%. I risked missing out on this set to get a good deal. Lady luck smiled on me though. Not too long ago I found it 46% off. I paid $27 for Velociraptor Chase. Subsequently, my cost-per-brick was $0.08. At that price, the set earns 100%. I have never found a deal on a Jurassic World set like this before.

Re-enactment of Jurassic Park scene using Velociraptor Chase.
“Uh, uh, uh! You didn’t say the magic word.”

Velociraptor Chase took me 57 minutes to build. At full price, that equates to $0.88 per minute of build time. Comparatively, my average is $0.81. Therefore, the amount of assembly time is satisfactory, but not great. I rate it at 77%. Luckily for me, I paid much less for this set by waiting for a liquidation sale. My cost-per-minute was $0.47. That earns a score of 98%. Ultimately, at full price this set earns a total value score of 79%. Finding it on liquidation brings the score up to 99%.

Velociraptor Chase control room with door locking feature.
Control room with door locking feature.

BUILD: 70%

Velociraptor Chase consists of three diorama-style scenes from the original Jurassic Park movie. The main build showcases the control room. If nothing else, I had to have the computer screen. It displays the classic image of Dennis Nedry saying “Uh, uh, uh!” Also, the window has the original park logo, and a map of Isla Nublar is on the wall. While all the details are stickers, they are great images for a Jurassic Park fan to have. Additionally, the room has a door lock mechanism that slides into place to keep raptors out of the room. This section of the set is the best one. It is true to the original film and contains the best nostalgic details.

Behind the door to the control room is embryo cold storage. I like the inclusion of this room; however, it is not movie accurate. The rotating door is missing. Additionally, the embryo storage does not lower into a cooling tank. However, there is a nice sign for custom builds. I also like Barbasol can included in the display. Finally, the actual embryo rack is aesthetically pleasing.

Velociraptor Chase kitchen.

Great control room, but the rest is not detailed enough.

The kitchen is the final section. This is the least impressive part of the build. Additionally, it is the least movie accurate. It hardly looks like the movie setup at all. I wish the designers had left this out and used the brick count to make a more accurate embryo storage. You cannot even play out the scene because the raptor does not fit. Additionally, Lex and Tim and ape-children (more on that later). They cannot sit or crawl on the floor very well. Finally, the cupboards are not set up properly.

Re-enactment of Jurassic Park kitchen scene.

Overall, Velociraptor Chase tries to be too many things. The control room scene is a nice display piece. I might use it as a bookend for my Jurassic Park DVDs. I will recycle the rest of the set for parts. Luckily, all three parts click together using Technic pins in modular style. You do not have to display all three. The only part I really do not like is the kitchen. However, it is not quite a third of the set based on piece count. I also wish the embryo storage were more movie accurate. Velociraptor Chase tries to depict too many scenes. It should have done only one in greater detail. I rate this build at 7/10 (70%).

Re-enactment of Jurassic Park kitchen scene.


Velociraptor Chase includes four Minifigures. You get Dr. Allan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Lex, and Tim. Sadly, Lex and Tim are ape children. They have those stubby legs that do not bend with a regular torso. The combination makes the arms look disproportionately long. Lex also cannot sit at the computer to depict a movie accurate scene. Additionally, she cannot sit in the kitchen cabinet like in the film. Finally, she should be taller than Tim. But I digress…

All the Minifigures feature front and back torso printing. Additionally, each has a double-sided face except for Dr. Grant. Ellie also features two-toned legs with ample printing around the front and sides. Dr. Grant is identical to the figurine included in T. rex Rampage. Ellie has a different hairpiece but is otherwise the same as well. Lex and Tim are unique characters to this set. Finally, you get two pots, a pan, a clever, two spoons, a chocolate bar, a phone, a printed brick pin pad, an umbrella, a wrench, a two-way radio, a keyboard, and a velociraptor in this set. The stickers are amazing, but I do not generally count them as accessories. Overall, I rate the Minifigure design at 53/60 (88%).


Velociraptor Chase includes a unique raptor figurine. The coloration features brown detailing on a nougat colored body. It is meant to resemble the original raptors from Jurassic Park more than the ones from Jurassic World. The coloring is unique to this set. Additionally, the raptor is a fully articulated character. For that reason, I include it in the brick-to-fig ratio score. Five figurines in a 360 pieces kit yields a brick-to-fig ratio of 72:1. That is great, earning 93%. Averaging the ratio and design scores gives an overall Minifigure rating of 91%.

Re-enactment of Jurassic Park scene.


As an adult collector, I will keep part of this set on display. The control room scene is movie accurate and holds nostalgic value. Despite not liking stumpy child Minifigures, the set also has a good character selection (raptor included). However, the rest disappointed me a little. It lacked detail and was not very accurate to the movie. I rate the AFOL score at 8/10 (80%).

“Tell them to send the damn helicopter.”

Velociraptor Chase is more a collector’s piece than a play set in my mind. It appeals to fans of the original movie. I am not sure how many kids have seen the original Jurassic Park. As a kid, I would have loved this set because the movie was my absolute favorite. I knew the scenes off by heart. But, today? The characters and scenes are not relevant to kids aged 6-12. However, the set does have play features including the door lock and a busting window. Additionally, getting a dinosaur is always fun. From a perceived kid’s perspective, I rate this set at 7/10 (70%). Overall, that gives an entertainment score of 75%.

“Clever girl.”


Velociraptor Chase is a character purchase. It features a great selection from Jurassic Park. Additionally, designers captured the control room scene well. The value of the set is average at full price. However, since the set retired, prices are likely to become unreasonable in the future. Sadly, the set tries to depict too many scenes. I wish it focused more detail on just one, two at the most. As a result, I will only keep part of it on display. I am happy to have the set, but I am equally happy that I did not pay full price for it and got a great deal.

Until next time,


“We’re being hunted.”

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