September 22, 2023

Lloyd's Journey (70671) Review

I am a sucker for LEGO® animals. Additionally, I like Ninjago sets. Lloyd’s Journey (70671) combined both of those interests into one neat, little package. I must confess, I do not know much about the three tailed wolf character included in this kit. While I do watch Ninjago, my progress has been slow. I don’t have much time to sit a watch TV, so I am still on season one. This wolf character, Akita, is from season 11. However, despite having three tails, it is still the first LEGO® wolf. As a result, I wanted it in my collection, and it has already featured in a Minifigure Monday rhyme. This week, we will look at how the rest of the set holds up.

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Lloyd's Journey (70671) front box art.
Lloyd’s Journey (70671) front box art.


  • NAME: Lloyd’s Journey
  • SET #: 70671
  • THEME: Ninjago
  • COST: $19.99 CAD
  • OF INTEREST: 1 three tailed wolf
  • RELEASE DATE: June 23, 2019
Lloyd's Journey (70671) rear box art.
Lloyd’s Journey (70671) rear box art.


  • VALUE: 47% (This kit is way overpriced for what you get.)
  • BUILD: 90% (Lacks substance but provides an interesting roofing technique.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 100% (Great characters, amazing brick-to-fig ratio.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 75% (Will appeal to Ninjago fans, but probably not broader than that.)
Lloyd and Akita.
Lloyd and Akita.


VALUE: 47%

At full price, Lloyd’s Journey clocks in at $19.99 in Canada. When this kit first came out, I felt that was expensive. Sets of a similar size in other themes usually go for $13.99. In fact, Lloyd’s Journey costs a whopping $0.25 per brick at full price. That is a terrible value. Comparatively, my current average cost-per-brick is $0.14. At full price, I rate the value per brick of this set at 44%. Luckily, I found my copy for 30% off. However, even at that price, the cost-per-brick is still $0.19. As a result, the score only goes up to 64%.

Lloyd's Journey (70671) frozen outpost.
Frozen outpost.

In addition to a bad brick value, Lloyd’s Journey is also a short build. I assembled this set in 14 minutes. As a result, each minute of build time costs $1.43. Again, that is a terrible value which I rate at 50%. Even at 30% off, the value in this category is still bad, earning 68%. Averaging the cost-per-brick and cost-per-minute scores at full price yields an overall value grade of 47%. If you can find it at 30% off, the grade is 66%.

Rear view of the frozen outpost.
Rear view of outpost.

BUILD: 90%

Lloyd’s Journey does not contain much to build. If you are buying this, it is probably for the characters. However, there is a small, frozen outpost with a functional, stud-firing crossbow. Interestingly, the kit does provide a new roofing technique. I can see this idea used in a kiosk of some sort in the Ninjago district of my LEGO® city. With that said, I find it hard to award Lloyd’s Journey top marks because it lacks substance. I rate the build score at 9/10 (90%).

Blizzard Warrior from Lloyd's Journey (70671).
Blizzard Warrior


Lloyd’s Journey comes with two complete Minifigures, Lloyd and a Blizzard Warrior. Both characters feature double-sided faces, front and back torso printing, as well as leg printing. Each also comes with a sword. Additionally, there is a third sabre-type sword embedded in a block of ice, and the crossbow mentioned earlier. Finally, Lloyd has a holster for his sword, and the Blizzard Warrior comes with samurai-style armor. Based on these specifications, I award a Minifigure design score of 30/30 (100%).

Lloyd's Journey (70671)
Lloyd’s Journey.

In addition to Lloyd and the Blizzard Warrior, this kit also contains Akita in wolf form. Three characters in an 81-piece kit yields a brick-to-fig ratio of 27-to-1. That is one of the best I have ever seen, and easily earns another 100%.



From an AFOL perspective, I have little use for the build in this kit. As mentioned before, it provides a nice roofing technique that I can use. However, I will entirely repurpose the pieces. Unless you are after the characters like me, I do not see much value in buying this set. I rate the entertainment for AFOLs at 3.5/5 (70%). KFOLs into Ninjago may find more enjoyment in this set. It contains fun characters from the show. Therefore, from a kid’s perspective, I am inclined to rate Lloyd’s Journey at 4/5 (80%). Averaging these scores gives an overall entertainment rating of 75%.


Despite an excellent character selection, Lloyd’s Journey falls a little flat. The main downfall of this set is the price. It is way to expensive for what you get. Even at a considerable discount, the value is only passable. However, I do like the little roofing technique in this kit. Overall, I think Ninjago fans will like this set for the characters in it. Otherwise, you may want to pass on it, barring a HUGE discount.

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