December 8, 2023

Ideas Summer 2020

As many of you know, LEGO® Ideas is a platform on which fans can submit their own designs to become actual sets. In order to achieve that distinction, fellow enthusiasts need to vote. 10,000 supporters lands designers the chance to be reviewed by the LEGO® Group. Twelve sets were under review in the latest round. Subsequently, three were selected to become sets. The Ideas summer 2020 lineup includes a functional typewriter, an ode to Seinfeld, and the McCallisters’ House from Home Alone.

Curious what made it through the last review? Click here.

Ideas Summer 2020 review results
2019 third review results from LEGO® Ideas (©2020 The LEGO® Group)

As a Canadian, I am a little disappointed that the Toronto Rocket Subway Train did not make the cut. Otherwise, the selections do not surprise me much. If given the choice, I would pick the winter chalet over Seinfeld any day of the week. I never liked Seinfeld, and I am not a fan of the diorama-style sitcom sets. However, the chalet looks too big and intricate to make the cut. With the exception of Pirates of Barracuda Bay, sets that large have not historically made the pick. Though, I suppose Home Alone is another large one.

Overall, I am not terribly excited about the Ideas summer 2020 set selection. The Typewriter looks neat, but it would just gather dust on a shelf. As previously mentioned, I do not like Seinfeld, so that is a hard pass. I am curious about the McCallisters’ House, but I am not sure if I am curious enough to actually buy it. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below or send me a line through social media.

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