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LEGO® Ideas Typewriter (21327) Review

LEGO® Ideas Typewriter (21327)

The LEGO® Ideas Typewriter (21327) is the brainchild of AFOL Steve Guinness from the UK. It reached 10,000 supporters on the Ideas platform in October 2019. After the rigorous review stage, the LEGO® Group approved the design for production in June 2020. Subsequently, a year later, the set is available for VIP pre-order. Boasting features like moving keys and typebar,

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LEGO® Ideas Typewriter Coming Soon

LEGO® Ideas Typewriter coming soon

Last June, the LEGO® Group announced the third round of review results for sets that passed the 10,000-supporter mark in 2019. The first of them is about to hit a LEGO® Store near you. Incidentally, the LEGO® Ideas Typewriter is coming soon. This set was the brainchild of fan designer Steve Guinness from Chester in the United Kingdom. The design

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Ideas Summer 2020

As many of you know, LEGO® Ideas is a platform on which fans can submit their own designs to become actual sets. In order to achieve that distinction, fellow enthusiasts need to vote. 10,000 supporters lands designers the chance to be reviewed by the LEGO® Group. Twelve sets were under review in the latest round. Subsequently, three were selected to

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