September 27, 2023

Live Vicarious (Minifigure Monday)

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® characters through art. This week we explore dreams out of reach that are experienced through others. The Speed Champions Lamborghini set inspired Live Vicarious. Lamborghinis were my dream car as a kid. However, spending that kind of money on a car is not feasible though. Therefore, I will life vicariously through my SigFig. For more Minifigure Monday posts, click here.

Live Vicarious

An original LEGO® inspired poem from True North Bricks.

The wanting is so serious,
It makes me almost furious.
The dream of life luxurious,
So far it seems hilarious.
With cash flow so precarious,
I’ll have to live vicarious.

Live Vicarious
My SigFig and his sweet ride.

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