June 8, 2023

LEGO® Shazam Movie Coming

DC Comics Super Heroes fans rejoice! A LEGO® Shazam movie is on the horizon. The digital release date for this direct-to-home-video film is set for April 28, 2020. The blu-ray/DVD combo pack hits shelves on June 16. Personally, I really dislike the discrepancy in release dates. However, in this case there is a strong incentive to wait. Physical copies of the film include an exclusive Shazam Minifigure. The title of the full-length feature is Shazam: Magic and Monsters. Additionally, the blu-ray combo pack (with Minifigure) will retail for $24.99 in Canada, while the regular DVD will cost $19.99.

LEGO Shazam Movie coming soon.

Physical copies of the LEGO® Shazam movie come with a Minifigure!

In terms of what to expect from the film, the official press release includes the following information:

In LEGO® DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters, 10-year-old Billy Batson shouts a single word and, with lightning bolts flashing, he transforms into Shazam!, a full-fledged adult Super Hero. It doesn’t take long for Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League to take notice and invite the earnest do-gooder to join the team. But to become a member, Billy must reveal his true identity. While fighting off the evil Mr. Mind and Black Adam, Billy learns that he must trust others – and that nothing creates trust like helping those in need. Join the good fight with this giant-sized LEGO® DC adventure!

LEGO Shazam Movie
Close-up of the cover art for Shazam: Magic and Monsters.

I am intrigued by the presence of Black Adam. Often these films feature a lot of product placement, particularly of concurrent sets. Consequently, I find myself wondering if we are due to receive a Black Adam Minifigure in the near future. Perhaps in the next wave of DC Comics sets? Incidentally, this is all conjecture at present. However, wouldn’t that be awesome? I’m a sucker for free Minifigures. Plus, I don’t have Shazam yet. Therefore, I will be waiting for June 16. How about you? For more LEGO® related news, click here.

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The official trailer for Shazam: Magic and Monsters from the official DC Comics YouTube Channel.

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