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LEGO® Group and Universal Studios Announce Deal

NOTE: This article was updated after publication with new information. The LEGO® Group and Universal Studios announced a deal today. The deal covers movies based on the LEGO® Group’s intellectual properties and original ideas. Universal will develop, produce, and distribute theatrical releases exclusively for five years. Warner Brothers Animation released previous LEGO® films. The first being the smash hit, The

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LEGO® Shazam Movie Coming

DC Comics Super Heroes fans rejoice! A LEGO® Shazam movie is on the horizon. The digital release date for this direct-to-home-video film is set for April 28, 2020. The blu-ray/DVD combo pack hits shelves on June 16. Personally, I really dislike the discrepancy in release dates. However, in this case there is a strong incentive to wait. Physical copies of

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